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The journalist Leo Valiani said that prisons are places conducive to reading the texts of philosophy. When we spend a lot of time at home we have the opportunity to get to know each other more, to better understand who we are, because the situation tests us, lays us bare (no filter, no distraction from normal, hectic life). And the stars what do they think?

Let’s try to find out, sign by sign, what each of us is inclined to do while trying to commit our free time (really a lot, for too many), and above all what maybe we should do to limit the side effects of staying within the home. Hoping that it will last a little longer.

Aries: your problem is energy, the constant and tireless one to which you must give answers. The main risk will be that of possible tensions dictated, precisely, by not being able to vent the force, which thus risks becoming destructive. The remedy could be practicing sports at home, using what you have, toning you up. Pillow War?

Bullhere is a sign that you don’t mind staying at home, possibly on the sofa, with a book, a smartphone and a TV. Do not disturb. It’s a pity that you immediately risk falling on food, because when you stay within your home, hunger keeps you company. Absolutely avoid indulging in caloric foods, leaving your throat at home when you go for supplies.

Gemini: truly a sign that suffers more than others, because it is used to moving, to asking questions and meeting people. So, in these days of forced situations, you will often see them intervene in groups, be an active part of infinite chats, comment and exchange everything. Dear Gemini, why don’t you try to do something that remains, read a book, dedicate yourself to a person?

Cancer: being a sign ruled by the Moon (therefore by emotions), it will not be difficult for his mood to go on a roller coaster, with frequent drops and rampant moods. Remember that serenity is among the best supports for the immune system. Listen to good music, don’t read bad news too often, call a friend who makes you laugh.

Lion: whoever is born with the Sun in this sign makes no effort to take care of himself. That’s why he will use his (forcibly) free time to get back in place, to clarify outstanding issues, to improve himself and to take some selfies from the living room. Probably the sign that he could better react to the difficult situation.

Virgin: the Virgin’s phobias are not few: the horror she feels for all that is dirty, unhealthy, let alone the invisible threats. For this reason he will devote a good part of his time to cleaning the house, disinfecting, to minimize any risk. Wise behavior, as long as you don’t forget to pay attention to emotions too.

Weight scale: sedentariness often rhymes with a look that gets worse, that trudges. The forced inactivity of the beauty industry generates an aesthetic problem, with nails and hair in disorder, with the calories that cannot be disposed of. The bathroom will become the crucial point of the Libra house, which will invent everything just to please itself.

Scorpio: what better opportunity to practice some healthy sex? Of course, our isolation does not always occur with the ideal partner (if there is one), however, chats and apps are available that can create some hot situations, which can help us to distract ourselves for a while from the problems of the moment.

Sagittarius: movement really is life, it is energy that tells itself and that can make you better. You are a sign in love with large spaces, with the freedoms of life, for this you are particularly suffering, undergoing this isolation. There are online programs designed to do gymnastics at home, you dedicate at least an hour a day to them.

Capricorn: perhaps this is the sign that least suffers from having to give up sociality. With a good book, with work from home that will certainly not abandon, but rather will be even more accurate and precise thanks to the large amount of time available. Keep active, do not give up habits, because it is in constancy that your strength resides.

aquarium: difficult, very difficult for a free air sign like this to think about staying at home 24 hours a day. The impulse will be that of escape, of the night escapade around the block, of being able to peek at the world while going to buy food. A remedy? Good music, excellent readings and everything that keeps thoughts fixed, that occupies the mind.

Fishes: we must immediately specify that this is the sign that is most easily conquered (should we say overwhelmed?) by uncertainty, by uncontrollable danger. And sometimes Pisces react by detaching themselves from reality, distracting themselves in any way, or sleeping for many hours. Strive, now more than ever, to be rational, objective.

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