Artico ice cream shop: mid-August ice cream in Milan

When the heat rages and the Milanese clubs close for holidays, in the laboratories of the Artico Gelateria you continue to beat the drum to whisk the ice cream. The queue that is created in the evening in Via Lambertenghi of the Isola district (the first store, the other is in the Duomo in Via Dogana) is more than an indicator, perhaps more important than the maximum recognition of the “three cones” obtained in the last edition of the Gelaterie d’Italia Guide published by Gambero Rosso.

Credit to the merit of a master ice cream maker, Maurizio Poloni, who always supports the well-established technique an immense research and curiosity. The last and most recent event was the MILAN – DUOMO stop; held in July, it represented the beginning of phase 3 of the Arctic, the first step towards a new future: in the form of ice cream (but also of sentiment) the excellence of the Lombard territory, prerogative for the restart, with which the master has created six flavors (two above all Ris and Lat and Torrone di Cremona) starting from the Lombard biodiversity and food and wine tradition.

At the moment, however, the new flavor, created for the second half of August, is Crunchy Dark, greedy like the omnipresent black cherry (one of the top of the Arctic) but dark: gianduia with black cherries and caramelized hazelnuts covered with chocolate.

Is ice cream the must-have accessory for summer 2020?

And what a summer it would be without granita? For customers there are numerous variations and the two types that are most popular are the Sicilian almond and the Tropical made with mango and passion fruit. Without forgetting the now much in demand vegan tastes, despite the fact that we are talking about Milan, it makes us reflect how difficult it is still to find tastes for lactose intolerant people in Milanese ice cream shops. The Artico family has thus decided to make available some lactose-free, in continuous rotation, to the happiness of those who are sometimes forced to give up. At the moment their workhorse is available, the pistachio in both sweet and salty versions, and the salted almond with lemon scent, obtained without any type of milk but only water.

The Poloni family, however, does not only make ice cream. With the professional school, in fact, he also teaches how to produce it. There are many students who open their stores every year and among all it is worth mentioning Fiori di Latte, opened in Codogno for just a month. A project linked to the territory with milk, fruit, eggs, local beer (used for the cream), a great research work with local suppliers. This was the will (and prerogative) of Donatella Giuliani and Silvia ViganĂ² who decided to open, despite everything, in the center of the town which has become dramatically famous in recent months.

Silvia (student at the Artico Gelato School in Milan) and Donatella have clear ideas: “we will start with a tea ice cream with biscuits typical “Codogno” and we will use different cheeses to prepare the cheese cake with stracchino, mascarpone, gorgonzola, yoghurt. Fiori di Latte represents a message of hope at this moment, it had to have a softer approach but it went like this and we will focus even more on the territory, we want to actively contribute to the relaunch of our reality “, says Donatella who will take care of the production, Silvia will welcome customers from the sales counter. A sign of hope and courage. In short, for better or for worse, especially in summer, ice cream is!

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