Astrology and birth chart: how to use them now

Across the world, the #iorestoacasa movement has gone from being a voluntary collective act to a mandatory governmental decree. Astrology may also be among the possible sources of comfort. From heart problems to the chances of a new career: in moments of uncertainty we turn to “her” in search of clues and clarity. So, the birth chart (i.e. the map on which the position of the planets at the time we were born is summarized) can help us, in this period, offering us an additional level of self-care emotional?

Just do a search on Instagram following the hashtag #astrology (#astrology) to find yourself in front of 4.9 million posts (which we expect to grow a lot in the coming weeks) and most likely hashtags like #Mercurioretrogrado also appear in some story of your friends. Not only that: there are groups of famous astrological super fans who have chosen ‘reading the birth chart’ as an integral part of their coveted lifestyle. Think of Madonna who is known for jokingly blaming her “ego occasionally out of control” for her Sun in Leo while Taylor Swift thanks her Sagittarian nature for her optimism.

The role of technology

The role of technology

The web, in particular, offers us platforms designed to provide users with instant ways to interact and understand their astrological structure. Some examples? Astrodienst (this is the link to the site in Italian), a real must have where to find all kinds of information relating to the stars. The offer is vast and includes a whole series of free personalized horoscopes, the calculation and interpretation of the birth chart, as well as data on the birth themes of famous people and a small school of astrology to improve our knowledge of the subject. Better to register in order to receive a more personalized service.

Alternatively, there is Astrologiainlinea, a vast container of data and information in which to interpret one’s stars, also request paid consultations and even interpret dreams (yes, in these periods the subconscious works much more). Not to mention the many apps that we can download on our smartphone, ranging from a personalized horoscope to your own sign, a love horoscope, tarot cards and various New Age accessories.

In moments of uncertainty or even self-discovery, these digital platforms seem to have created a space in which astrology can evolve to respond to a need for self-care on demand. Through the observation of the stars, people manage to find certainties and overcome anything they are facing in their lives.

The opinion of the astro-psychologist

In the past eight years, Jennifer Freed, psychologist and astrologer, as well as author of Use Your Planets Wisely, has witnessed a significant increase in the recognition of the value of astrology. “It has become almost impossible to keep up with the interest in astro-psychology,” says Freed a Vogue, to then indicate the increase in technology among the reasons for the growing popularity of astrology: “We really atrophied our ability to listen, as we have become so used to relating to a screen and not to a human being. You don’t need to be present, you can do multiple things at the same time. “

It is certainly not good news for our empathy and level of attention. “The screen between us does not address our desire for a human connection made of contact. As a result, people experience this huge senselessness in their lives, ”continues Freed. From a political, economic and environmental point of view, the world is perceived as unstable and a source of anxiety. The impact? Many are looking for alternative ways of navigating life, which include orientation and community, things that astrology offers in abundance. Or, to quote Freed, “Astrology is neither good nor bad, right or wrong. It represents only an opportunity for personal growth and evolution. There are no hierarchies and everyone is welcome. “

Astrology in the survival kit

Astrology has undoubtedly gone to join the practices of self-care such as meditation, crystal therapy, yoga and mindfulness and, although you can already be enrolled in Co-Star from which you receive small daily tips full of irony and based on your birth chart, that now is the time to use the astrology like supporter cosmic also at the level of wellness?

But be careful, a clarification must be made: astrology is not completely accepted by traditional psychology. There are, however, some points in common, especially as regards the search for one’s identity, meaning and purpose. Astrology has more to do with asking the right questions than providing the right answers per se while, as Freed explains, “At its best, psychology is the practice of understanding our pattern behavioral and our gifts and bring them to fruition. “

If astrology reveals our cosmic DNA – what we were born with and how we can increase our skill set as we evolve – there is potential for a good union between the development of psychology and the development of spirituality.

Beyond the zodiac sign

By far the most accessible aspect of astrology, the zodiac sign indicates where the Sun was at the time of our birth. But this should only be considered the starting point, psychotherapist and astrologer Greg Bogart tells us. According to him, in fact, observing the total photograph of the sky in a given moment (or the moment in which we were born) it is possible to obtain a much more complete picture of ourselves. “From the mapping of the birth chart of the day, the place and time of our birth we obtain a symbolic portrait of the internal structure and internal organization of our personality.” Our Sun is important but it does not establish who we are, and this is something to keep in mind if you have a tendency to base your perception of the next day on skimpy one-sentence virtual horoscopes.

There are 10 main positions of the planets that we need to be aware of to begin even just to understand who we really are and our personality. “The Moon helps us understand our emotional dynamics, Venus our ability to express affection and Mercury our cognitive intelligence and the way we communicate. From here, we begin to understand our complexity and how we are organized, “explains Bogart. If we use this information wisely, they can help reassure us to let things take their course or have a little patience (now particularly important) as well as, from time to time, offer us strategic suggestions regarding the optimal time in to undertake something.

How to approach the birth chart (even if you are skeptical)

With sites like and and apps such as Sanctuary and Co-Star, we can now access the position of the planets and our natal themes with a simple click, as well as guided information that decipher their meaning. So where do you start? Calculate your birth chart online by entering the date, time and place of birth ( creates a birth chart that is easy to understand, free of charge and instantly), then start familiarizing yourself with the position of your planets. Bogart suggests observing both one’s birth chart and how the current planets in transit behave. “In particular, learn to trace the cycle of Saturn, which is stable and reliable. As it moves and touches different planets, it goes to wake up different parts of us and different parts of our nature. “

By working with our planets in an intentional way it is possible to relieve some of the stress to which we are subjected. For Freed, reading the birth chart (like psychological therapy) is one of the most vulnerable gestures ever. “It’s about getting close to the map of your soul,” he explains. But it is important to be open-minded as, however cliche it may seem, it is necessary to remember that life is made to be lived.

“An astral reading is equivalent to giving a little push for the individual to move in a certain direction of his life and take the reins of it. But we don’t have to live life through our birth chart, “adds Freed. But what is the advice for those who need an additional dose of persuasion? “I too am skeptical by nature,” says Freed. “Some call astrology a pseudoscience while others consider it a science of the soul. But there is only one way to understand which side you are on. Try it and see if it works. “

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