At home with Vogue: music playlists to listen to at home

In these long days so monotonous, with human contacts reduced to a minimum, marked by a new routine that has revolutionized the lives of the whole world, we understood that among the few remaining points we have there is, without any doubt, music. There music as an escape tool, inexhaustible source of pleasure and emotions, a means of spiritual elevation and meditation. The music we like makes us feel good, improves mood, promotes happiness. It is also good for health, because it releases dopamine in the brain and stimulates the immune system, as well as reducing anxiety and stress. In conclusion, music is exactly what we really need today. But if nobody, in this difficult period, can renounce the relief and emotions that he gives us and continues to give us music – even if within the home – for each of us the soundtrack of this lockdown will obviously be different. What are the songs that cheer us up the most? What are the new artists we have discovered in this period, and which are we deepening our knowledge of, now that we have, willingly or unwillingly, more time to listen?
We asked some of our favorite artists to prepare a playlist for the Vogue Italia Spotify channel. Starting today, and on a daily basis, each musician will tell us how the quarantine period is going by, and will share his playlist with us #AtHomeWithVogue. Enjoy!


How are you going through these lockdown days?
I am at my house in Bologna with my girlfriend. I would have a lot of time to write, read, do something constructive, but for some reason now I can’t, I find it difficult to concentrate. I think it’s due to the situation.

What do you miss most? What will be the first thing you will do as soon as possible?
I miss having the opportunity to make short-term plans. There was a whole future lexicon that inhabited our daily conversations, and which has now suddenly disappeared. It was the talk about our plans, where to eat, whether to go to the cinema or not, whether to see friends or stay home. There is only one question left: what do we eat? All the rest is taken for granted: we stay at home. The first thing I will do when it comes out is to list all the options in a long sentence.

Projects coming out or are you working on?
I composed a soundtrack for a series that will be released soon.

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