Balenciaga and Vibram Collaborate on Toe Shoes


Laces at the toes


$ 1,290.00

If you were worried about it being calm on the ugly shoe front, Balenciaga is here to shake things up. As they do. The brand kicked off a collaboration with Italian label Vibram during its fall / winter runway show in February, but they’re finally hitting the market today to address your toe-parting anxiety: the introduction of new toe shoes from Balenciaga.

Under the reign of designer Demna Gvasalia, Balenciaga has run the gamut by offering styles of shoes with fringes. The French design house practically kicked off the daddy shoe trend in 2017 with its now iconic Triple S sneakers, and since then has released high-fashion hikers and a cycling shoe that wouldn’t be artificial on a Peloton. But that begs the question: how far is too far?

The toe sneaker could well be the last frontier of banned shoes. Vibram is an innovative rubber sole brand that introduced the world to its famous Fivefingers toe shoes in 2004. The style features five individual toe “pockets” – without squirming – intended to mimic the feeling of walking barefoot. Vibram lent its flexible soles to three new Balenciaga models, all in recycled mesh. There is a lace up sneaker with a hanging heel not unlike Moon Bounce shoes, a portable sock boot where “wearable” is in the spectator’s phalanx, and a slipper, because your new Herculean toe grip is now strong enough to support a three inch heel.

We view Birkenstocks with the same love as our own children, and the Crocs have become a midlife icon (which Balenciaga also took for a platform ride in 2019), so maybe this couple is exactly what our world is about. chaotic needs to normalize the individuality of the toes. If you’re in the joke and the thought of the fabric touching the strap between each toe doesn’t give you the heebie jeebies, you can get your own pair of Balenciaga and Vibram shoes today for a fee of $ 1,290 on Balenciaga. .com and farfetch .com.

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