39 Best Tween Clothing Stores To Shop in 2024

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Tween clothing must be stylish, easy to wear, comfortable, affordable and fashionable enough to suit the latest trends. From Old Navy to Athleta, these popular clothing stores for tweens offer trendy designs and timeless styles made with durable materials at affordable prices.

For a relaxed look, some preteens want casual and athletic wear like jeans, shirts and shorts. Dressy attire such as cute dresses and elegant accessories are excellent choices for formal events.

If you’re shopping around online, knowing where to buy a tween girl’s clothes can ensure cool outfits for school and other occasions.

From affordable to luxury, we’ve rounded up the best clothing stores for tweens to inspire your research and shopping.

Clothing Stores For TweensClothing Stores For Tweens

Clothing Stores For Tweens

Old Navy

Old Navy is one of the best stores to shop and find fashionable tween clothing that will make your little girl look and feel trendy. This brand first burst onto the scene in 1994, and it has been praised for its cute clothes, quirky accessories and relatable ad campaigns. They carry a selection of back-to-school basics, dressy pieces for special occasions, athleisure and stylish swimwear for pool parties. Whether you’re searching for a casual boyfriend shirt, a durable sherpa lined jacket or an adorable skater skirt, the expansive catalog will have something on-trend.

Old NavyOld Navy


Nordstrom is an upscale and iconic American department store that offers fashion-forward pieces and excellent customer service. This high-end online retailer can be a great place for tweens to shop and get stylish wardrobe staples such as dresses, sweaters, shirts and jeans. The company is also known for selling classy formalwear, cute purses and various footwear that will make your kids feel grown-up.


American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters is an American lifestyle, clothing and accessories retailer that specializes in casual everyday wear. This store has long been the go-to place for denim jackets, sweatshirts and graphic tees, making the brand a popular choice for expressive and playful types. In addition to classic black dresses, skinny jeans and edgy bralettes, American Eagle Outfitters stocks an impressive line of off-duty anoraks and jersey tops that are ideal for weekend lounging. With many different styles, sizes and cuts, this company remains a trendy favorite for tweens.

American Eagle OutfittersAmerican Eagle Outfitters

Lucky Brand

Lucky Brand is an American clothing store that has taken relaxed and comfortable basics to new heights. The company is best known for its vintage jeans inspired by the Southern California lifestyle, and you can experiment with ripped, sanded, patched or washed varieties to match their unique personality. Believing that young people should be free to express themselves, the brand also stocks graphic tees, bohemian blouses and gorgeous summer dresses to suit every style. Infinitely more budget-friendly than competing brands like Levi’s, Lucky Brand should be your go-to store for an effortlessly cool look.

Lucky BrandLucky Brand


Athleta is a premium fitness and lifestyle brand that’s designed for girls on the move. The company carries a selection of high-performance leggings, skorts, outerwear, athletic tops and sports bras that are supportive, stylish and trendy. The Athleta Girl brand is designed for tween girls between 6 and 14 years old, making it a reliable option for those who play sports or are trying to find beautiful athleisure gear to rock after school. Suitable for everything from yoga to track, Athleta enables you to showcase your signature style while sweating it out.

Athleta GirlAthleta Girl


Nike is an American multinational sports corporation that’s known for its activewear, sneakers and accessories. Although most of Nike’s catalog targets adults, this global brand also makes a wide selection of sneakers, tennis skirts, leggings, sports tops and sweat headbands for a younger audience. Depending on what you need for gym class, you can pick up a reliable pair of performance sneakers or keep things casual with functional windbreakers, tennis shoes or leggings. As Nike products are praised for their form, function and durability, you won’t need to worry about wearing your gear out after a few months.


Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville is a prolific American clothing store, offering cool fits, vibrant colors and casual basics for young girls. Crop tops, miniskirts, tees and sweaters are the most popular items in the company’s catalog, but this youthful brand is also known for producing trendy denim shorts and comfortable undies. You shouldn’t expect bold prints or patterns from Brandy Melville, but young people adore the delicate florals and wearable neutrals that characterize this online store. Whether you’re in the market for overalls or a light summer tank, you’ll easily fill up your cart at this awesome boutique.

Brandy MelvilleBrandy Melville


Amazon is an enormous American e-commerce retailer that stocks fashion-forward pieces for all ages. Carrying an incredible line of brands and an interesting selection of garments from private vendors, you should be able to find a unique piece that fits your budget. It may take a while to sift through the endless product pages, but you can find everything from overalls to uniforms and dress shirts on this monster site. If they qualify for the service, those that need items quickly can take advantage of Amazon Prime’s next-day delivery promise.



Hollister is an American clothing retailer known for its carefree designs that make kids feel confident in their skin. The brand is best known for its bohemian tops, lightweight blazers, hoodies, dresses and skirts that are comfortable and easy to wear. Each piece is inspired by California’s beachy vibe and incorporates muted colors and loose fits to reflect this laidback attitude. For something more structured, head straight for the denim selection for high-quality jeans that are designed to stand the test of time. With everything from breezy linen dresses to slouchy hoodies available, everyone can find their ideal match at Hollister.


Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe is an American retail chain that effortlessly blends youthful and eclectic designs with affordable prices. The brand isn’t exclusively geared toward young people and is designed to keep women of all ages on top of the latest footwear, accessory and clothing trends in the fashion industry. Although you can pick up a handful of necklaces, sneakers and cute tops from this company, Charlotte Russe remains the first port of call for dresses that work for school dances, birthday parties and recitals.

Charlotte RusseCharlotte Russe


PacSun is an amazing clothing brand for tweens who want quality materials, wearable styles and a retro skater look. The company is best known for its printed denim jeans, loose tees, boardshorts and beanies, but it also stocks a variety of dresses and sweats for every shape and size. Unlike other stores, PacSun appeals to slightly older kids and a few of its designs are decidedly edgier than competing brands. Although the company’s philosophy revolves around current trends, it also believes in the importance of community and engages in plenty of philanthropic outreach through the PacCares program.



Adidas is an iconic sportswear brand that started its life in Germany in 1949. This name brand offers an assortment of shoes and clothing that enable you to run straight from final period to soccer practice without missing a beat. Most of its footwear features the iconic Trefoil or 3-stripe design for street cred, while almost all athleticwear is made with performance fabrics for a comfortable and practical fit. Ideal for training, daily wear and relaxed trips to the movies, Adidas is a reliable pick for anyone wanting to look stylish.


Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a multinational lifestyle retailer that has been rocking the tween fashion industry since its founding in 1970. The brand boasts an incredible selection of modern and vintage pieces that align with current trends, making it an ideal pick for slightly older kids looking to elevate their style. The clothing is easy to wear and the designs draw influence from social media, streetwear trends and designer runways. Offering everything from retro crop tops to airy summer dresses, this modern fashion brand is perfect for young people.

Urban OutfittersUrban Outfitters

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch is an American lifestyle brand that focuses on casual pieces for everyday wear. Most stores boast a dedicated kid’s section that stocks high-quality denim, loose tees, floaty dresses, miniskirts, athleisure and underwear. The brand’s philosophy centers around liberation and summer fun, making their lightweight fragrances and accessories the perfect accompaniment to their vibrant prints and pastel hues. Rocking the industry since 1892, this iconic store shows no signs of disappearing any time soon.

Abercrombie & FitchAbercrombie & Fitch


Tilly’s is an American retail clothing company that has made a name for itself as the go-to store for retro skater clothing from the 2000s. In addition to selling graphic tees and sneakers for guys, the brand stocks adorable tops, fashion-forward dresses and trendy shorts for girls. This store provides plenty of basic silhouettes and oversized looks but also prides itself on creating clothing for athletic and active people which is demonstrated by its line of leggings, biker shorts and sports bras.



Gap is an American clothing and accessories retailer that has been a mainstay in the tween clothing market since 1969. Although the first GapKids store didn’t open until 1987, the brand has been catering to the young market for decades with its minimalist designs, pop culture references and comfortable fabrics. Whether you’re in the market for laid-back t-shirts, skinny jeans or casual hoodies, Gap sells quality pieces that will make growing pains slightly easier to handle.



Mango is a Spanish clothing and manufacturing company known for its casual pieces that mimic popular designer brands. The company’s aesthetic is cool, casual and minimalist, and most items can be dressed up or down depending on the event. Unlike several other fast-fashion stores, Mango aims to create effortless styles that won’t immediately fall out of style within a few months. As a result, you can expect chic silhouettes, neutral color palettes and statement accessories that can be used to jazz up your look. Focusing on wearable prints and designs that exude playful energy, Mango promises to keep you having fun while looking put together.



Justice is an online clothing store for girls that specializes in trendy sleepover gear, everyday staples and accessories. With a strong focus on back-to-school gear, parents can expect a selection of age-appropriate pieces that will make girls feel hip and confident. The brand is passionate about celebrating uniqueness and creates pieces that speak to current trends while incorporating edgy pop-culture logos and slogans. Offering a wide range of athleisure wear, training bras, comfortable denim, short skirts and pajamas for the ultimate girly sleepover, Justice makes transitioning into the teen years feel as painless as possible.


Unique Vintage

Unique Vintage is all about encouraging young women to express themselves by offering a range of retro-inspired clothing. While there is no dedicated kid’s section, the sizing should be suitable for older kids who want to experiment with flapper dresses, 1970s pieces and classic 1950s gear. Although many items are faithful recreations of vintage garments, you’ll also find swimsuits, accessories and footwear with a 21st-century twist. Perfectly combining old-school glamor with modern trends, Unique Vintage proves that tweens don’t always need to fit the surf-chic mold to be fashionable.

Unique VintageUnique Vintage


Macy’s is an American chain of department stores that has been keeping youngsters fashionably dressed since 1858. This brand is popular with parents as it offers designer pieces for a fraction of the original retail price, making it ideal for kids who want to rock the latest styles at a school dance but can’t afford full-priced alternatives. As a department store with all types of clothing and footwear, you can walk out with a full wardrobe after a single shopping trip.



ASOS is a British online fashion and cosmetics retailer that specializes in on-trend clothing for all ages. They are best known for creating fast-fashion pieces that effortlessly follow market trends, but tweens can also dig deeper to find high-quality, unique dresses, skirts, jeans and accessories that will help them stand out. Dropping at least 5000 styles a week across its entire online store, you won’t struggle to find your perfect match at this enormous e-commerce site.


J. Crew

J. Crew is an American multi-brand specialty retailer that offers a wide range of modern children’s clothes at budget-friendly prices. This brand stocks an impressive collection of basics, athleisure pieces and dressy items that are fashionable and functional. The company isn’t known for its outlandish designs, but shoppers will find loose-fitting t-shirts, comfortable bottoms and casual dresses featuring cute and wearable prints throughout the year. Believing that tweens should be able to feel stylish without spending a fortune, J. Crew is all about sourcing and selling high-quality fabrics for accessible prices.

J CrewJ Crew


Hailing from Sweden, H&M is one of the most popular clothing stores in the world and has been creating stylish casualwear for men, women and children since its founding in 1947. The brand focuses on relaxed basics that layer and pair exceptionally well. You won’t typically find flashy items or vibrant graphic tees on display at H&M, but you can choose from a wide range of smart and dressy options, casual fits, accessories and footwear that work well for almost any occasion.



Despite being a relative newcomer to the fashion industry, Zaful is a China-based e-commerce retailer that designs edgy and fashion-forward pieces that helps young people rock the latest shoes, accessories and clothing trends without breaking the bank. Environmentally conscious shoppers will appreciate Zaful’s commitment to green production methods, as they use only water-based screen-printing inks to reduce their carbon footprint. Crafted using durable materials and constantly dropping new and hip styles, any piece from Zaful will prove a decent investment if cared for properly.


Forever 21

Forever 21 is an American fast-fashion retailer known for its bold styles, quirky prints and reasonably priced pieces. Believing that cute clothing should be accessible to all, the brand drops hundreds of styles every week that will appeal to every consumer. They are best known for their on-trend summer pieces and premium denim, but they’re also proud of their 100% organically grown cotton tees that fit comfortably against the skin. Geared towards older teens and younger adult women, the company has a dedicated kid’s section packed with adorable dresses, sweatshirts and athleisure picks. For tweens that need inclusive sizing, the Curve line has got them covered.

Forever 21Forever 21


Kohl’s is a prolific American department store chain that has been operating since 1962. The brand specializes in cute and comfortable basics that are designed to make tweens feel cool, confident and stylish. Offering a dedicated juniors and teens section for boys and girls, young shoppers of all ages can find their perfect match among the vibrant garments on the rack. With a mission statement that inspires families to live fulfilled, balanced and healthy lives, customers will find reasonable prices and excellent customer service at every store.



Target is an American department store chain that believes every tween should be able to express themselves through casual basics and statement pieces without spending their entire allowance. This company sets itself apart from the competition by offering gender-neutral pieces for non-binary individuals in addition to skirts, dresses and masculine fits that make young people feel powerful. Knowing that inclusivity and acceptance are the way forward in the fashion industry, this affordable brand promises to keep kids looking stylish every semester.


Janie and Jack

Janie and Jack is a children’s clothing brand known for creating distinctive clothing made from the finest materials. This small company designs all pieces in-house and aims to reinvent classic fashions by adding modern and innovative twists like vintage toile, delicate florals and one-of-a-kind prints to each item. Although the brand’s prices are significantly higher than others on the market, their soft-washed linens and sturdy quilted fabrics are designed to weather any storm and can even be handed down to future generations if properly stored. Believing that the devil is in the details, Janie and Jack are never afraid to experiment with embroidery, ruffles and unique textures in their clothing.

Janie and JackJanie and Jack


Missguided is an online clothing retailer known for producing bold, edgy and fashionable garments for women. Boasting cute graphic tees, crop tops, miniskirts and floaty dresses, the company actively promotes feeling good in your skin. Tweens needing new loungewear will appreciate the brand’s collection of PJs, while streetwear lovers will adore the on-trend shoes, tops and athletic gear. Whether you’re looking for casual pieces for weekends or something suitable for school days, Missguided has got you covered.



Gorman is an Australian fashion boutique that is best known for its offbeat outerwear, printed dresses and playful cuts. Aiming to reflect the carefree lifestyle of Aussie surfers, the brand focuses on bold collections featuring vibrant colors, ruffles and polka dot patterns that directly appeal to a young audience. With instantly recognizable branding and a commitment to cruelty-free and environmentally friendly production methods, Gorman is a tween clothing brand to watch.



Bloomingdale’s is an American luxury department store chain that has been a frontrunner in the clothing industry since its founding in 1861. They’re particularly praised for their Bardot Junior line, which transforms fashionable adult designs into gorgeous tween dresses that are ideal for first dates and school dances. For a more casual look, shoppers can browse the store’s shorts, denim jackets, hoodies and leggings. Effortlessly blending adult elegance with kid-friendly patterns and hues, Bloomingdale’s clothing continues to be a major success.



Zara is an excellent place to buy clothing that looks good without costing a fortune. They offer a quirky collection of denim and casual basics that look age-appropriate but still rival the adult lines when it comes to quality and fit. The brand’s assortment of leather jackets, printed dresses, tops, and layering pieces make tweens feel fashion-forward without their style looking forced. Many of the kid-friendly pieces are designed to mirror the adult silhouettes, making Zara a popular transition brand for young preteens who want to start showcasing their individuality.



Aeropostale is an American shopping mall retailer best known for producing high-quality denim and fashion basics at an attractive price. The brand preaches acceptance and empathy in its mission statement and is careful to make its product lines inclusive while raising money for charitable organizations whenever they can. Tweens adore the company for its bold logo shirts, lightweight jackets and trendy accessories, but it’s also regarded for its stylish shorts and feminine dresses. Considered a stylish and viable alternative to pricier clothing brands, Aeropostale is a reliable option for anyone on a budget.



Storenvy is an e-commerce platform known for hosting aspiring indie merchants and sellers. Among the most popular brands on the site is Five Girls Fashion, which boasts a collection of classic swing dresses, blouses, and footwear with minimal patterns and top-quality stitching. With so many stores available to browse on the brand’s expansive site, you can discover a host of amazing, one-of-a-kind pieces that will make you the envy of everyone at school.


Rue 21

Rue 21 has become synonymous with fun and mainstream clothing since it burst onto the scene in 1976. Hailing from the US, this brand draws influence from current runway trends and social media icons to create most of its pieces. Whether you need a new pair of jeans, a feminine top or a graphic tee to express your unique personality, you can pick up everything you need at Rue 21 for an unbeatable price.

Rue 21Rue 21


Modcloth is an American online retailer that caters to tweens who want vintage cuts, retro prints and an indie look. Founded in 2002, this popular brand has grown from a simple dorm-room pipedream to a full-blown fashion retailer that regularly releases playful silhouettes and bright designs for young women. The company is proud of its commitment to size inclusion and is strictly anti-photoshop, making it one of the best brands for image-conscious kids that want to foster a positive relationship with their appearance as they graduate into their teenage years.


River Island

River Island is an enduring fashion brand that has been offering on-trend and staple pieces since 1959. The brand splits its clothing into ages 5-16 and 13-16, making it easy to pick the most age-appropriate styles. Whether you’re in the market for vibrantly patterned shorts, stunning printed tees or an eye-catching party dress, you can find an ideal match at River Island.

River IslandRiver Island


Uniqlo is a popular Japanese casual wear designer and retailer that is best known for its high-quality thermals, fashionable basics and performance-enhanced loungewear. As the brand relies on technology and science to create each item, their clothes have a wonderful soft-touch quality that is highly durable and feels comfortable against the skin. Their use of AIRism technology also removes perspiration and responds well to humidity changes when the summer heat hits. Offering a collection of minimalist pieces that are designed to last a lifetime, Uniqlo is a reliable choice for parents who don’t want to replace clothing after every scrape, fall or growth spurt.


Popular Tween Clothing Brands

The most popular clothing brands for tweens are Brandy Melville, Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch Kids, Charlotte Russe, American Eagle Outfitters, Aeropostale, Urban Outfitters, Old Navy and Nike. These trendy brands offer some of the most stylish, well-made and versatile tween clothes available today. From cute dresses to flattering jeans, these reputable and affordable stores will allow your kids to create fashionable outfits for middle school.

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