Billie Eilish Responds to Bodyshamers Attacking Her for Tank Top Photo

Billie Eilish left a message to bodyshamers on her Instagram Story today after paparazzi photos of her in a tank top and shorts in Los Angeles spread and garnered attention on social media. Eilish is known to wear loose clothes in part because she doesn’t want people to sexualize her.

Billie Eilish

Eilish in Los Angeles in a tank top and shorts.


On her IG story, Eilish reposted blogger Chizi Duru’s TikTok. Duru says in the clip, “You all have to start normalizing real bodies, okay? Not everyone has a cart behind them, okay? The guts are normal; they are normal. The breasts are growing. sag, especially after breastfeeding. Instagram is not real. “

Billie Eilish's Instagram Repost


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Eilish herself spoke to ELLE in her October 2019 issue about her style and thoughts on some of the people who applauded her for showing how young girls should dress so as not to be sexualized. She then explained that the loose clothing was due to society’s problem and the inability to resist the sexualization of young women, not because she was not safe.

“The point isn’t, hey, let’s bitch-shame on all these girls not dressing like Billie Eilish,” she said. “It drives me crazy. I have to wear a big shirt so you don’t feel uncomfortable with my breasts!”

Eilish commented on an example when she was wearing a tank top in Nashville, someone took a photo of herself, and it went viral on social media. “My breasts were all the rage on Twitter!” she cried. “Number one! What is it ?! All the outlets have written all over my breasts!”

“I’m good in it,” she added, laughing. “I was born with fucking breasts, bro. I was born with DNA that would give me big breasts.

She said her boobs have shamed her slut and her body in the past, and that’s why she’s covering them up. “I recently was on FaceTiming a close friend of mine who’s a dude, and I was wearing a tank top. He was like, ‘Ugh, put on a shirt!’ And I said, “I have a shirt”. Someone with smaller breasts could wear a tank top, and I could put on that exact tank top and be ashamed of myself because my breasts are big. This is stupid. It’s the same shirt!

She added that as they get older, people should expect her style to change. “I’m going to be a woman. I want to show my body, “she said.” What if I want to do a video where I want to look desirable? Not a porn! But I know it would be a huge thing, ”Eilish said. “I know people will say, ‘I’ve lost all respect for her.’ ”

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