Bob hair like Tokyo: the cut of Ursula Corbero

It will be that we lack bob hair like Tokyo. But let’s be honest: the fourth season of The Paper House – however more spectacular, muscular, Hollywood – it makes us regret the first. Maybe we also went to review the episodes with the Professor’s debut. And here’s how i bobbed hair of Tokyo (character played by the actress Ursula Corbero) has returned to the top of the searches.

It is a wob or wavy bob, that is a long and wavy headband, with short bangs. Although the protagonist of the TV series recently cut lengths and her own hairlook remember a mullet 80s, his wavy bob it has remained in everyone’s heart and has inspired many women, who have decided to cut their hair in this way again even now. The credit goes to the fresh, feminine aspect, girly, but also mischievous and seductive, which gives this cut to the wearer.

A style to Valentina, but with a touch of light-heartedness. The length of the perfect wob it can go from the chin to the base of the neck, or shorten up under the ears for a more joyful look, or stretch up to brush the shoulders, for those who want to try to shorten their hair, but not too much. The ideal fringe to combine with the Tokyo bob is full and short, and it reaches about an inch above the eyebrows. The length of the fringe is then a choice of personal style: the shorter it is, the more it will give a lively and lively look, the longer it will be, the more it will give charm and mystery to the face.

The inspiration of this haircut immediately brings the memory to some iconic cinema characters who had this cut. Mia Wallace in pulp Fiction, played by Uma Thurman, wore it in a smooth version. Amélie Poulain, Audrey Tautou in The Fabulous World of Amélieinstead, he had a short, lively bob with a very short fringe. Finally Mathilda in Léon, a young Natalie Portman, with chin length, and short and light fringe.

Not only fictional characters, even the celebrities they chose this particular hairstyle and, in some cases, they made it their signature look. How Zooey Deschanel. The actress, who chose full bangs as her personal style, also cut her long hair some time ago, in favor of a lob. Also Taylor Swift is a fan of the matching fringe and long and wavy bob in style shag. Just like Emma Stone, Alexa Chung and Dakota Johnson, who have chosen this look at least once, however, combining it with the long fringe.

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