Brad Pitt: makes the weather forecast. Here’s where

Pandemic time. Late show time. Wanting to find a positive aspect to this terrible period, we can say that imprisonment and self-isolation have given many artists the opportunity and the opportunity to freely experiment through social networks. Free from work commitments due to the forced stand-by of television and film productions, many artists, of any cabotage, had to and could reinvent themselves embarking on projects as creative as they are unique.

An extraordinary example is that of John Krasinski who literally invented his Late Show, entitled Some Good News recorded in his home. The actor and director gave life to a real show with all the trappings, starting from the super-guests, among whom the Oscar-winner Brad Pitt stood out for the occasion, to play the role of meteorologist.

Your contribution to the weather forecast? You can find it immediately below.

Other guests of the episode included Billie Eilish, the Jonas Brothers, Chance the Rapper and Rainn Wilson. And who knows, this show is not something nice that we can also enjoy in the post-quarantine.

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