Canada’s Drag Race Winner Priyanka On Her Favourite Looks, Wardrobe Malfunctions and More

Photographer: Colin Gaudet. Stylist: Amber Watkins. Make-up: Caroline Levin. Hair: Kirsten Klontz. Producer: Lauren Wheeler. Fashion assistant: Jenna Aranas.

“The reason I hang out is to make people feel good about themselves, to give them an outlet to escape and live their best life, and be proud of who they are. And that makes me too. feel good about myself. “

Shortly after Priyanka won the first season of Canada Drag Race, we called the Queen of Toronto to discuss her historic victory.

“It’s so cool that in upcoming gay history books it will say, ‘… and Priyanka won season 1 of the Canadian drag race,’ she said. “It’s just amazing to have normalized the fact that people of color can win. I get all these messages from people in India, Guyana and Trinidad and all over the world saying to me “that means a lot, thank you”. I am so proud. “

And to honor her game-changing victory, we asked her to break down the fabulous outfits and looks that brought her to victory – and brought people so much joy.

“The reason I hang out is to make people feel good about themselves, to give them a way to escape and live their best lives, and to be proud of who they are. And it also makes me feel good about myself.

Click through the gallery to see footage from a recent FASHION exclusive shoot, and read on for our interview with Priyanka, Canada’s first drag racing superstar.

Favorite look on the series:
The gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous Canadiana-extravaganza-meets-Bollywood-film lehenga dress. This look was the most beautiful of my life because it represented two things: my culture and my pride in having grown up Hindu and Indo-Caribbean, but I was also able to show people how proud I am to be Canadian. as well. Red and white were a tribute to Canada, and red is also a very classic traditional bridal color in India. I had to buy two bridal lehengas and cut them in half and Frankensteins to fit my body, because I’m 6 ″. I bought them from Chandan Fashion on Gerrard Street. It’s so cool, I walk into Chandan and they’re like, “Priyanka is here, get rid of everyone.” I would have been afraid to walk into a very traditional Indian place that sells saris and all kinds of stuff, but these are my number 1 fans.

Backstage Wardrobe Malfunction:
My orange and blue look was amazing. It was hand braided by my drag mum and it was really one of those things that on paper didn’t really make much sense, but when it was on me I was like ‘oh c ‘is the look that will win a challenge,’ and he did. But when I got into the look of the show, I got it wrong and thought it just didn’t fit. I was like ‘omg i am going to lose this week i am going to be at the bottom i dont know what is going to happen.’ But we called Queens Care, they’re like production assistants, and with their help it all finally came together.

Most daring or complicated look:
For one of the design challenges, Lemon, BOA and I did some metallic looks. I had to stick an umbrella on my head and it made me so nauseous to the point that I had to ask to go to the trail earlier because I thought I was going to throw up. The pressure of a piece of metal duct taped to your head is not cute.

An outfit that you thought looked amazing but wasn’t:
My denim look! Denim and denim. I was wearing boots and a jacket and a white denim bodysuit, it looked so cute but when I got to the catwalk they were like “meh whatever”. I was like ‘oh! Okay!’ You can only compare yourself to other girls, and a lot of them had amazing and amazing denim looks.

Most difficult experience:
Everyone expects me to say this and they are not wrong. I completely bombed the infamous Snatch Game. Oops! And the reason is not because of my choice of character, nor because of anything else, but I was just in my head. Right before that, Brooke Lynn Hytes said “Welcome to Snatch Game”. I looked at Lemon and said “omg, I’m in my head”. I just gave up and I’m mad at myself for giving up but I caught up with ‘I Drove All Night’ so it’s okay.

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