Canadian Designer Tanya Taylor Enlists Celebrity Friends for NYFW Video That Has Nothing to do With Fashion

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Taylor used her NYFW time slot for an important cause.

Canadian designer Tanya Taylor chose not to show her new collection at New York Fashion Week today – a first for the brand. Instead, Taylor, whose brand is based in the city, chose to use its time slot to promote an important message for its American customers: voter registration.

Bringing together a whole crowd of brand friends, the purpose of the video was simple: Taylor wanted to show her followers anything that took longer than registering to vote (which only takes two minutes, in case. where you would be wondering). Opening the 1:52 long video, Taylor said, “How we spend our time right now is something very important to consider, and we figured that watching a fashion show actually takes longer. than registering to vote.

The smart clip then moves on to various celebrities doing daily activities that take more than two minutes, like Mindy Kaling watering her plants, Hillary Clinton playing with her dog, Stephanie Beatriz making contacts, Canadian designer Aurora James making a cup of coffee, Sasheer Zamata hula hoop and more.

Watch it below:

The brand has taken a new approach to showcasing its collections, opting instead for a direct-to-consumer model that will see the spring 2021 collection make its press and consumer debut in January, a few weeks before it hits stores. Retail. . In light of this, Taylor explained in a press release that she doesn’t want to give up her NYFW niche when she can use it as an opportunity to change. “There are a lot of looks on us during NYFW and I think it’s my responsibility to use the platform I have in the industry to speak up and encourage positive change at such an important time of our life, “the designer said in a press. Release. “Our community of strong and empowered women is at the heart of our brand and, as always, we aim to empower them and have their voices heard, this time through civic action and voting.

Being a Canadian citizen, Taylor is not eligible to vote in the next election, but that doesn’t mean she wanted to sit on the sidelines. “My company is a New York company, our employees are American, and leadership affects our livelihoods,” she said. WWD. “This is an important election and I feel responsible to my team and my community for using the platform in which I must stand up for what I believe in. It’s important to always be a cheerleader even if you can’t play the game. “

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