Saree, Kurta Pyjama Traditional Fashion in India

Saree, Kurta Pyjama Traditional Fashion in India

Saree, Kurta Pyjama Traditional Fashion in India. One of the very important basic requirements of a person is his clothing. It can serve both as protection from the environment and also as an identity. Depending upon the seasons and day to day weather, the choice of clothing of an individual can vary.

  • The elements or features of the clothing also play a significant role in deciding its purpose. For example, people prefer dark and light coloured clothing in winters and summers respectively. Due to the proven fact that dark colours can attract more heat from the environment.
  • The clothing can also help in forming an individual’s identity, such as wearing a uniform, cultural or ceremonial garb, or something unique and meaningful to that individual.
  • In a country like Indian, which has a diverse set of cultures, the customs followed by people vary across the length and breadth of the country.

Saree is the traditional dress for Indian women irrespective of caste, creed and culture. Kurta-Pyjama is one of the most common traditional dresses for Indian men. Even after centuries, people of India still prefer to follow their traditions and customs when it comes to clothing.



Saree is one of the oldest forms of clothing in the world. It is an unstitched garment which has become a sensuous and an all-time-wear for Indian women. It is a piece of cloth between 6-9 meters and has great cultural significance.

  • A woman in India looks the most beautiful when she is in saree. Wearing a saree and the ability to manage it is an art.
  • The saree shown in the picture having a lemon-yellow colour is a graceful one that covers the women’s entire body. The pallu, which is the end piece of the saree looks plain lemon-yellow in colour with horizontal green stripes at the end.

  • A combination of white blouse gives an attractive look to the lady. The pleats that are folded from the body of saree, running down from the middle have large vertical green stripes adding to the beauty of the saree.

A lady looks more gorgeous and dazzling when she wears the saree in such a fashion where she screens her waistline. The women in a saree show some of the genuine curves in a dignified way.



It is one of the basic clothing of Indian men, consisting of two pieces of garments namely Kurta and Pyjama. Kurta is similar to a shirt but is a little longer and extends till the knee.


  • Pyjama is a pair of loose and lightweight drawstring trouser. It is worn by Indian men mostly on formal occasions and can also be worn casually.
  • The lemon-yellow kurta with a white pyjama seen in the pic is a perfect combination of colours that gives it an eye-catching look. The thin green stripes on the left, running down the length of Kurta, adds a stylish look to it.

Pyjama being lightweight, one feels very comfortable wearing it anytime. The most commonly used material for making kurta-pyjama is cotton. In order to have a dignified look, adults prefer kurta and pyjama in neutral shades whereas children prefer varied hues and patterns.

Saree Cotton
Cotton blouse
Cotton kurta combo
Rs : 1350

Joy Cho is a Big Name in Online Design

Joy Cho is a Big Name in Online Design

Joy Cho: The efforts that Joy Cho puts into her work as a designer are very important. Cho focuses extensively on positive attitudes and thoughts in her work. The bright appearances and features of her work make her one of the top names in the general design field.

Joy Cho Glamour

Joy Cho has quickly made herself out as one of the hottest online design specialists in the world. She has become highly in demand for her great design services that offer a sense of whimsy and amusement. She works with many of the country’s top companies and organizations with regards to appealing designs.

In fact, Cho’s work has particularly grown to where she has more than twelve million followers on Pinterest. This makes her the most-followed person on Pinterest.

Joy Cho started her graphic design studio Oh Joy! in 2005. She established her studio as a firm that focuses on lifestyle activities. Much of this focuses on weddings, birthdays and other special occasions where people are looking to highlight the great things about their lives.

Joy Cho Is Noteworthy For Online Design Work

The general point that she uses for her work is that she focuses on the joyous things that come out of everyday life. The fun of life and the positivity that anyone can live with are key points to see.

What Does She Focus On?

The many features of Cho’s work have been shared by millions online. She concentrates on to do it yourself activities and with creating designs that feature bright colors and light accents.

Joy Cho Glamour

Her designs are versatile for many intentions. These include designs for clothing, candles, wall art and various home décor items.

Many of these designs are highlighted on her website although her Pinterest page is especially prominent. This is a space where people can find exciting designs and fun features all the way around. The features highlighted around here are very appealing for all sorts of desires for having brighter lives.

Great Work With Many Clients

The work that Cho has been utilizing over the years includes many points highlighting the optimistic and intriguing work that she has to offer:

Joy Cho Glamour

  • She recently had a road trip event promoted by Toyota that included her taking photos. These include numerous photos that highlight her design principles relating to positivity and brightness.
  • She also has a line of baby clothing and nursery products for sale from Target. She designs many of these with vibrant colors and intriguing accents that are light for children and fit in well in a nursery.
  • In 2016, she designed the souvenir eggs for the White House Easter Egg Roll. These feature an assortment of pastel colors and images of animals relating to the Easter holiday.
  • She also has a line of wall décor and packaging design projects for Urban Outfitters. She focuses mainly on contemporary arrangements and outfits to create appealing looks all around.

Books of Note

Joy Cho has written a few books over the years that focus on many aspects of living:

  • Oh Joy! 60 Ways to Create and Give Joy is a book about creating appealing arts and crafts projects. This focuses on how to find vintage items, choosing the right art materials or decorative accents and so forth.
  • Blog, Inc. is a closer look at what people can do for blogging plans. This focuses heavily on what bloggers can do to produce all sorts of pages and features that are heavily detailed and informative.
  • Creative, Inc. looks into photography, animation, and graphic design. The book is about what businesses can do to create unique designs and displays for their websites. It is especially viable for those who have specific marketing requirements.

Joy Cho Designer

The strong work that Joy Cho has given in today’s design world has made her one of the hottest names online. The designs and ideas that she produces are inspirational as they help people to really highlight what makes the world beautiful and joyous.

How to find the most flattering jeans?

How to find the most flattering jeans?

The denim lovers must be gearing up for the denim day (April 27, 2016). Though the denim day originated in response to the sexual violence it has only given us more impetus to nurture our love for the beloved jeans.

Finding the perfect jeans is never easy. It is much of a task, a daunting one perhaps. Stating the fact each one of us has been endowed with a butt. Three million butts equals to three million butts that too all in different shapes and sizes. Hence, there must be a wide variety of jeans to satisfy each and every butt. Besides, not everybody has got a J Lo kinda bottom.


There are legitimate reasons for having confusion while buying the perfect jeans according to your body type. Ladies jeans come in a range of styles for instance there are flared jeans, skinny jeans, distressed jeans, boyfriend jeans and others. Treat your bum with a large variety of jeans with ladies jeans online.

Here is a list to find the most flattering fit of smartest ladies jeans according to your body oops butt shape:

  1. The bubble butt:

Not very big, not very small, bubble butts are the best of butts anybody to wish for. It is round like globe and often appears having a full shape.


Skinny jeans in dark washes look most flattering on bubble butts. Go for stretchable fabric. You can also try wearing other types of ladies jeans, for instance slip into a boyfriend jeans or a flared jeans if you want to downplay your asset. If you can do anything you should avoid jeans with small pocket as they would draw unnecessary attention to your rear by emphasizing the area. Browse ladies jeans online and find a range of styles to choose from.

  1. The flat butt

The flat butted ones don’t need much of a description, still to make you understand your bottom doesn’t have much flesh and looks flat.

Well, choosing the perfect ladies jeans for a flat bottom is a little tricky. Here, you have to take care to emphasize your butt region.

Look for jeans having lots of details, big pockets, zippers and welts to fake a fuller silhouette. Go for thick fabrics to give the illusion of fuller volume. You can always search your favourite ladies jeans online to find a huge collection of jeans in different fabrics and cuts.

Also, you should choose a jeans that starts at your natural waist and gives the impression of a full and shapelier butt. Sanding effect on the back will also help your bum look bigger.


  1. The wide butt

A wider butt means that your measurement is the most around the hip area. Ladies don’t be sad, because there is no reason to feel dejected yet. Just go for ladies jeans having lots of room around the hip area and tapered around the legs. To bring variation to your style, you can also try wearing flared jeans or one in boot cut style.

As against the bubble butt, where you had to keep the back pocket details minimal, here you should look for bigger pockets and go for jeans with details on the back side so as to make sure that there aren’t lots of empty spaces on your rear area which puts the focus on your hips. You can also try out the mid rise jeans style, find a great range of collection with online ladies jeans.

Ladies jeans online lets you choose your jeans in different shapes and cut designed according to different body shapes and size.

  1. The triangle butt

Triangle shaped butts are not bigger in the typical sense, they are the widest at the point where your hip meets your thighs.

 A low-rise jeans or a boyfriend jeans are the best style option for these types of bottoms. They will give the impression to broaden the shape of your higher hip and make it look straight.

You can also try wearing a wide legged jeans to balance out the shape and fake a perfect, slim and straight silhouette.

A boyfriend jeans in a loose fit also looks great. You can also experiment your look with a straight cut fit. Again, look through the amazing range of ladies jeans online to find your pick.