Kamala Harris breaks traditions

Kamala Harris has decided to tell a new political story. And to do it with words and deeds. In the speech he gave and with which he accepted the nomination for vice president for the Democrats, the prosecutor gave two very strong signals. First of all with her choice to immediately point out her origins … Read more

Diana The Crown 4: Lady D’s wedding dress in the trailer for the new season of the Netflix series

The famous wedding dress of Lady D appears in the trailer for The Crown 4, new season of the Netflix series dedicated to Diana Spencer’s official entry into the English royal family. The video released on Youtube by Netflix Italy announces the exit date of the highly anticipated fourth season of the series conceived by … Read more

Natural hair lightening: the new trend is called Teasylights

The latest trend for sun-kissed lengths with natural and bright hair lightening is called “Teasylights”. A hybrid between balayage and the classic lightening method, the “teasylighting“plans to tease the hair before applying the bleach. Hair lightening, all the techniques to try “With an effect similar to the balayage, i teasylights allow you to create a … Read more

The wines produced by the stars

The world of wine has always been one of the most chic manifestations of rural reality: a history of millenary hedonism that is intertwined with the savoir vivre of the lands in which it is produced, between mild temperatures and green hills, makes it a real status symbol that world celebrities cannot miss in their … Read more