Celeb Hairstylist Kirsten Klontz On the One Hot Tool You Need to

Glassy bobs, curtain bangs and beach waves – we’re watching you.

With warm weather on the horizon, hot girls’ season is just around the corner and now is a great time to try out all the latest hair trends, from glassy bobs and curtain bangs to beach waves. Celebrity Hairdresser and Hot Tools® Professional Black Gold Ambassador Kirsten Klontz says you only need one tool to achieve these looks and it’s the same one she uses on her blue-chip clients like Kristin Cavallari, Jessie Reyez and Brooke Lynn Hytes. And since we still can’t get to our own salon (thanks, pandemic), we sat down with Klontz * virtually * to uncover his secrets to getting salon style results at home as well as all the details on the #FashionForAll Beauty award recipient flat iron which is always in its pro kit. (Full disclosure: I was a jury member for the awards).

You’ve probably used a ton of flat irons in your career. Which one is your favorite?

The hot tool professional® The Black Gold Evolve 1 ”flat iron is the one in my kit because it is the most versatile for a wide range of customers. It has curved edges so I can straighten or curl it, the size is easy to handle, and the grip is soft and non-slip. The plates are infused with a ceramic micro-sheen, which gives a really nice glossy sheen, and it won’t stick to the cuticle, so you won’t get any “drag” as it flows through them. hair. Plus, the titanium plates don’t chip off which is important when laying them for 10 hours and constantly dropping them on cement floors!

Much has been said about the fashion comeback of the year 2000, channeling pop princesses such as Christina Aguilera. What’s your # 1 tip for getting that iconic straight hair?

It was me in my early twenties! Don’t try to straighten everything at once – sectioning your hair is important. I like to start at the bottom and work your way up, working in inch-sized chunks. That’s what will produce this look from start to finish with a glossy finish.

What if you have wavy or curly hair?

Start building straighteners while they are still wet. Blow out first, using heat and tension to help stretch the hair. Love the Hot Tools One-Step Hair Dryer with Round Brush® Professional Black Gold Series – you can take large sections of hair and go through it very quickly. And then run over it with your flat iron on top, to get that shiny finish.

What temperature would you recommend for thin hair versus thick hair, so that it doesn’t get fried?

Prep with heat protectant spray to prevent damage. I would start at around 325 degrees for thin hair, while thicker hair can handle higher heat. If you see steam coming out of your hair, turn it down until you can’t see it anymore.

What is a pro hack for flyaways?

If I’m working on a cover shoot and it needs to be super crisp around the part line, I’ll use a bit of hairspray, then take a curling iron and hold the flyaways, as close as possible from the root, so that they together lying flat.

Another popular pandemic style has been curtain bangs. Would you use a flat iron for this?

Yes! The key to the curtain fringe is that it sort of goes forward and then back around your temple to frame the eyes. Starting at the root, you just need to bend the hair where you want it, then tap the flat iron down, then bend the section the other way around and tap to lock into a shape. “S”. Repeat on both sides of your face, then brush it out.

And you can also use a flat iron to make beach waves?

People are always surprised how easy it is. Take a wide section, then starting at the root and holding the flat iron horizontally, lower the flat iron a few inches and slide your wrists up; taken; go down a few inches and slide your wrists down; hold and repeat this pattern until you reach the bottom. Finish with a beach spray. There is so much you can do with a hot iron, you just need to know the techniques.

Klontz Hot Tools Professional Black Gold Evolve 1 ” Flat Iron Wins Award 20th edition of the #BeautyForAll FASHION awards. Out of hundreds of entries, 72 winning products were selected from six gender-neutral categories: hair care, body care, skin care, perfumes, cleansers and cosmetics. The winners were selected by a jury led by Natasha Boateng, Beauty Director of FASHION.

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