Change time 2020: do you sleep an hour more or less?

With the arrival of spring, the 2020 time change also returns, which will see the return of summer time. A 60-minute leap forward of the clock hands that will make us sleep an hour less but that will give us more light during the days.

When will 2020 summer time start?

Daylight saving time will officially start at 3 am in the night between Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 March. Hands will jump forward 60 minutes.

With daylight saving time do you sleep an hour more or less?

Because of the “going forward” of the hands, we will all sleep an hour less than that, in fact, we will go to recover the same evening by going to sleep, theoretically, an hour earlier.

Does summer time also affect tablets and smartphones?

Moving the hands forward 60 minutes by hand is essential only for analogue or digital watches but without an internet connection (or internal software that does not calculate the time change by itself). For smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and other electronic instruments with internet connection there will be an automatic system update thanks to which, in the morning, we will find ourselves “the time already updated”. Even smartphones without a connection, and other devices, can still enjoy the automatic update as long as the correct time zone has been set, since, in some countries, the transition from standard time to summer time (and vice versa) is not identical to that of Italy.

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