Cheap Holiday Gifts 2020 – Best Christmas Gifts Under $10

best gifts under 10


“It’s the Thought That Matters” may be a hit in a thrifty donor’s wallet, but it doesn’t need any deep pockets to prove that you care. All you have to do is search the right places for chic and sneaky gifts, like this list. We’ve picked some favorites in the under 10 category like playing cards adorned with rock royalty to help you amplify your poker face with the super-soft velor scrunchies from Pattern Beauty. All you’ll need is a little fancy wrapping paper, maybe a bow, and you’ve got the perfect gift!

Good shopping!

1 out of 51

Music playing cards

Rik lee

$ 10.00

Do you have any Dolly Partons?

2 out of 51

Dark chocolate bar pink elephants


$ 9.95

Maximally nostalgic, this chocolate bar is filled with frosted circus animal cookies and chips.

3 out of 51

Lift up the pore bands


$ 5.99

4 out of 51

Pearl Hairpin Set

Hair edit

$ 7.99

Just in time for the Gossip Girl to restart. Are you Serena, Blair or Chuck?

5 out of 51

Palo Santo smudge sticks

Blue Sage ecological shop

$ 9.00

Free yourself (and your apartment) from all of the bad energy of 2020.

6 out of 51

Lip gel

Nine three beauty

$ 10.00

We love a clear, shiny lip gloss.

7 out of 51

Affirmation Greeting Card

Aya Paper Co

$ 2,020.00

Obtain or receive? It does not matter. Giving close to this card will make you happier.

8 out of 51

GingrLemon Buttr

Skin Buttr

$ 10.00

The most refreshing scent, in a size perfect for travel.

9 out of 51

Reusable storage bag

Great for the planet, cute for your lunch bucket.

ten out of 51

Nude Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette

Elven cosmetics

$ 10.00

Everything you need for the perfect smokey eye.

11 out of 51

Velvet scrunchies

Model beauty

$ 10.00

These extra large scrunchies won’t wrinkle or damage hair while keeping it in place.

12 out of 51

Essie Luxeffects Top Coat

Holidays = glitter. Duh.

13 out of 51

Carbon Footprint Offset Gift Card


$ 3,000.00

Any environmentalist will appreciate this gift card, for every $ 5 you offset 1,000 pounds of CO2 emissions.

14 out of 51

Smiley Face Sports Crew Sock

Urban Outfitters

$ 8.00

We get a dopamine shot just by looking at these socks.

15 out of 51

Coltrane medium roast coffee

Fine roast coffee that will impress any snob.

16 out of 51

Empowered Woman Coloring Book

Lindsey Besser

$ 12.99

Stress relief meets empowerment.

17 out of 51

Dipped colored pencils


$ 10.00

A gift inspired by elementary school simplicity.

18 out of 51

Goal Getter Black Girl Notebook

Copper and BrassPaper

$ 10.00

Get one for yourself, one for all of your friends.

19 out of 51

START HAPPY organic body wash

Plant apothecary

$ 9.00

Start your day off right with this invigorating shower gel.

20 out of 51

Weak knees Gochujang Sriracha


$ 10.00

Just the right amount of hot.

21 out of 51

1 year subscription

Elle Magazine

$ 1.00

22 out of 51

Everything but the Sesame Bagel Seasoning Mix

Trader Joe’s

It tastes amazing on pretty much everything.

23 out of 51

Glass Highball Cats

The whirlwind of the fish

$ 10.00

This highball glass is just as cute filled with JO in the morning and Manhattan in the evening.

24 out of 51

Scheppend Original Adidog Pet Dog Clothes Cat Puppy Hoodies Coat Winter Sweatshirt Warm Pullover Dog Outfits


For your puppy’s next TikTok.

25 out of 51

Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

The ordinary

$ 6.80

The universal savior of the skin.

26 out of 51

Sparkling pink bears


$ 4.47

Almost impossible not to eat them all at once.

28 out of 51

Reusable Baby Tote Bag


$ 10.00

The best accessory for shopping.

29 out of 51

Sephora Favorites Hello! Haul-Star Heroes

Sephora Favorites

$ 10.00

30 out of 51

Lazy stress ball

Avoid a little stress.

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