Coronavirus: Amazon Prime Video free for red areas

Coronavirus: Amazon Prime Video free for red areas

Amazon Prime Video free for red areas: Defeat fear with beauty? It seems like a slogan from fortune notes and instead not. There is a concrete initiative called Digital Solidarity and it can really make those who wait for good news smile.

Here they are: among the companies that have joined the government’s appeal (ranging from services for streaming lessons to consultancy to solve connection problems) there are, for example, some publishing houses that offer free subscriptions to newspapers or books from download at no cost. Among the first to offer digital copies of her magazines for three months, Condé Nast Italy: here you can read how to read Vogue Italia for free and the other newspapers: Vanity Fair, La Cucina Italiana, GQ, Wired, AD, Traveler (only on Italian territory).

Amazon Prime Video

And then there is the platform Amazon Prime Video who can really keep company with those who can’t leave the house. The streaming service is available for free until March 31st. It would be nice if, for once in a while, on Whatsapp or Messenger there was a chain of positivity to warn those confined to the house of this opportunity. It does not erase the problem but relieves the hours spent within the home.

And with a library for all ages. Starting from older people, potentially more at risk these days. For them – but also for lovers of classic yellows – a good marathon is recommended The lady in Yellow or Columbus.

Films categories

Those no longer very young (only by birth, of course) can do binge-watching by historical and adventure films, from Indiana Jones to The Gladiator, passing through the cult of Italian comedy with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill (like Who finds a friend finds a treasure). Drama and action are served thanks to jewels like Pulp Fiction and Mission Impossible, for those used to dealing with chest problems. There are also those who exorcise fears with another kind of fear and therefore under pressure love adrenaline and apocalyptic stories such as San Andreas with The Rock or 2012 Ice Age, then moving on to the whole zombie category led by Fear the Walking Dead.

Literary adaptations

Ladies, however, may prefer the safe haven of literary adaptations, between lace and lace from a distant era. It starts with the BBC series taken from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen with a charming and very romantic Colin Firth to continue with the musical Les Miserables who gave Anne Hathway the Oscar Award closely followed by the new reinterpretation of Jane Eyre with Michael Fassbender. Why not? Who was lost Downton Abbey it can immediately recover with the full and uncut version that Rete Quattro had proposed.

The pathos, however, must be interspersed with healthy laughter with the marathon of Friends, Two and a half men or de La nanny, if there are restless children around the house and then return to yellow with Grandchester or Blue Blood with Tom “Magnum PI” Selleck. Those who prefer, on the other hand, a TV series in the background, perhaps during household chores, can always choose Desperate Housewives or The McLeod sisters.

The Lord of the Rings

From fantasy led by The Lord of the Rings for cinecomics such as Elektra, there is really something for everyone, but above all you can decide whether to divide the sofa between brothers and cousins ​​or each choose their own smartphone to relax in peace. Better to leave medical dramas like Dr. House and Night Shift off the list, however, especially in cases of hypochondria.

For romantics, however, we move from Bollywood and Hallmark comedies to new classics such as The pages of our life with a very young (and often wet) Ryan Gosling in the heartbeat of the Nineties such as Love Insomnia, Ghost and Bodyguard. Come on film by Sex and the city the hot spirits of Fifty shades of red then descend with age up to the teen drama, such as Dawson’s Creek or Blue Water High.

The Pimpa, Geronimo Stilton and Paw Patrol

And the children? They are obviously the most pampered with The Pimpa, Geronimo Stilton and Paw Patrol, among others, with nostalgic winks to Calimero and Popeye, up to Mia and Me, who launched the throne of swords diva Rosabell Laurenti Sellers and the star of Maggie and Bianca, Luca Murphy, at his bookstore debut with the novel The high school must die.

The choice remains vast and adapts perfectly to various moods by exorcising stress at least for a while. The exclusive platform titles, original Amazon, complete the offer with the likes of Al Pacino (Hunters) and Orlando Bloom (Carnival Row), Dev Patel (Modern Love) and Patrick Stewart (Star Trek Picard), all at our service to ferry us with fantasy to a place and epoch other than this present that seems to be so close to us.

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