Coronavirus and domestic violence emergency. Pomellato’s fundraiser

Stay home to limit Coronavirus infections. But the apartment is not a safe place for everyone. For someone, quarantine is far from safe. The thought goes to all those women (children but also men) who do not feel protected at home, because victims of domestic violence.

And it is to them that the commitment and resources of Pomellato and Dodo. The Milanese jewelry company responded promptly to thealarming increase in domestic abuse registered with the decisions taken to contain the number of people affected by Convid-19.

The Pomellato Group thus launches one awareness campaign and a fundraising to support women victims of domestic violencePomellato has always been a brand dedicated to women. The increase in episodes of domestic and sexual violence, a direct consequence of the isolation measures and the tensions that derive from them, is a cause of great concern for us “- explained Sabina Belli, CEO of the Pomellato Group – “Pomellato will always act firmly in support of women, and would like to send a message to those who suffer violence: know that you are not alone.“Even in an emergency, which we are all going through, Pomellato strengthens its commitment to defend women’s rights, born with #PomellatoForWomen, platform active since 2017.

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