Coronavirus: animals return to deserted cities

Nature in the time of the coronavirus

The dolphins in Venice – you know – were fake news, but one thing is certain: in time of Covid 19, which left the streets of our cities sadly deserted, the animals have more or less shyly ventured where up to a few weeks would never have dared. Then the chronicles are filled with curious stories.

The goats for example in Llandudno, a beautiful tourist resort in Wales, have shown themselves to be quite enterprising and starting from last Thursday night, in a group – they were about a dozen – they arrived in the center walking quietly in the middle of the road and lurking next to a large hedge as if it were a cheerful banquet. Someone called the police who rushed and immediately frightened the herd, thinking it was a one-off night skirmish. They were wrong!

In the following days, the goats came back in broad daylight and went around undisturbed eating from the hedges and climbing everywhere.

But that of Wales is certainly not an isolated case. In India sea turtles, after years have returned to nest undisturbed on the beaches along the coasts of the State of Odisha, taking advantage of the absence of men, who have always represented a threat to their survival.

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And in Italy? Here too the dolphins – not in Venice – but in the Gulf of Cagliari have actually been spotted in packs. Not only that: in the Trevi fountain in Rome – no longer crowded by a thousand tourists – it seems that sometimes some ducks swim undisturbed. In Sassari through the streets of the city, those forced to go out may even encounter some wild boar. And finally, in Como, on the Lungo Lago, even swans came out of the water to stroll in Piazza Cavour.

In short, it seems that while we are closed in our homes to protect ourselves from the coronavirus emergency, nature is recovering its spaces. And here, after almost a month of industrial structures and stationary motor vehicles, many satellite images show how pollution has decreased in Italy. A news that slightly consoles.

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