Coronavirus. Dance: the most beautiful online initiatives to continue dancing

For the thousands of Italian children and boys studying dance, simply joining in the name of the common passion or hoping for a professional career, the first on-line initiatives to contrast forced isolation and inactivity appear.

Between Bologna and Ravenna born “Remote dancer. Hip-hop in your room “, aimed at those enrolled in the dancER educational project, or 200 children between 6 and 14 years of age in the difficult neighborhoods of the two cities. Every week until the schools reopen, i young hip-hoppers can keep training by following the video tutorials, created by their teachers and posted on the Association’s social channels LaborArtis. Students who want to show their progress, to the teachers themselves and to their battle companions, will be able to recover with their mobile phone (or their mother will do it for them), within the walls of their bedroom, while performing a choreography. The video, sent to a dedicated issue, will take part in the competition for the final essay, which was hoped for in June, with a special prize. Vittoria Cappelli, known producer of dance events, who together with an all-female team (including co-creator Gabriella Castelli and artistic director Monica Ratti) gave birth to the social project “dancEr”, explains the purpose of this turning point online. «The boys are now very fond of their four teachers and very passionate about hip hop (especially girls and girls!) And they cannot lose what they have learned so far. We did not want to abandon this project in which we strongly believe, which in three years has brought together young people from the high immigration suburbs, at risk of emergence and bullying. Private sponsors ensured that the courses were totally free, increased by up to five memberships and became compulsory after school. The boys and their families responded enthusiastically and even in this difficult period they will not be left alone. Technology will help us ».

Meanwhile, communication of another initiative: “United with dance. United for life “, addressed to the many students of the Italian dance schools, who in normal times crowd the numerous competitions distributed in the peninsula. Alessandro Rende, dancer of the Rome Opera House, he thought of an online competition: the appointment is for April 1st, starting at 10.00 am, on LaSt TV, an Italian web TV dedicated to the world of dance. Aspiring participants, divided by age categories and classic / neoclassical and modern / contemporary genres, are asked to send a videos of their performance, which will be viewed by a jury of experts and voted live during the online transmission. The first classified will be invited to perform at a real Gala, scheduled in Rome as soon as possible. A charity aspect: the registration fee of the participants will be entirely donated to the Spallanzani Institute in Rome, on the front line against Covid-19. (Info and regulation Fb and Ig: uniticonladanza).

Signs of cohesion and hope, inviting the children to remain distant while feeling close by dancing.

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