Coronavirus: Elon Musk donates 1000 lung ventilators

A thousand lung fans, a very valuable asset of these days marked by Coronavirus, were donated by Elon Musk to California hospitals. A very important donation for the US health care that is experiencing the sudden outbreak of the global pandemic conveyed, as many have pointed out, by a very wait-and-see attitude of the central government of the United States and, it must be admitted, also by Musk himself who, in the early days, he had minimized the pandemic danger with a series of fairly controversial declarations (from “panic is stupid” up to “the panic of the virus does more damage” passing by a survey, on March 10, to organize a megaparty in Germany).

Intensive care ventilators will be produced by Tesla and will have the task of trying to meet what could be the same dramatic evolution that we experienced in Italy with a health system put under heavy pressure and a risk of blocking intensive care. According to what the John Hopkins Center for Health Security notes, the United States can boast a “heritage” of 160 thousand devices with a reserve of another 8900. However, as John Hopkins said, the need for lung ventilation tools could quickly overwhelm the ability of hospitals to act day by day.

An apocalyptic scenario that everyone in the States is trying to prevent in the days when, however, a dizzying growth of infection in the Stars and Stripes country begins. And the risk that Musk’s heroic effort (as described by the Governor of California) may not be enough.

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