Coronavirus: Elton John donates one million for HIV-positive people

Coronavirus is literally redefining our society from scratch by imposing the cost of fear and pain on us. However, there are people who are currently paying the highest price: marginalized, forgotten and, unfortunately, more at risk than others. Among these, HIV patients who, in addition to having always been the victim of a social stigma, today, due to the immunodeficiency acquired by the virus, are among the people most at risk of contracting Coronavirus. And it is to them that Elton John, who has been at the forefront of the fight against HIV / AIDS for 30 years, he thought.

Mr. Rocketman has in fact announced that his Foundation has allocated one million dollars to create a covid-19 emergency fund and to ensure the treatment of even the HIV-infected in the most discriminated communities. “Now and always I will fight to ensure that no HIV patient is left behind,” said Sir Elton John in the donation announcement video. At this address ( you can find more details. An important example that we hope will be followed by many others.

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