Coronavirus: Halima Aden teams up with Unicef

Keeping the children safe and ensuring the education they need is the goal of the initiative Unicef supported by Halima Aden on Instagram.

The Muslim model, Unicef ​​USA ambassador since 2018, shared the latest on her social profile initiative of the association aimed at helping young people during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Unicef ​​estimates that for the closure of schools due to the spread of Covid-19, over 1.2 billion children and young people around the world have stayed at home, nearly 55 million are in the United States.

To support the youngest, Unicef ​​- in collaboration with other associations globally – has written a guide that provides concrete measures for governments and protection authorities, a behavior manual for school administrators and teachers and, not least, a list of information on how parents can monitor children’s health and help them cope with stress.

All information on the campaign promoted by Halima Aden on the official website.

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