Coronavirus: if the Queen makes video calls

A note of color to lighten bigie days. Queen Elizabeth II has decided to make a “technological upgrade” and learn to use all the technological means at her disposal to keep in touch with the members of the royal family. Specifically, as we learn from sources inside the Palace, the Queen would have decided to use FaceTime and Skype to be able to make video calls with grandchildren and other distant relatives.

In fact, according to the provisions of the English Government, a quarantine was imposed for those over 70 and the Queen decided not to make an exception. For this reason, in fact, she and Prince Phillip moved from London to Windsor, Scotland.

Bill Gates, Queen Elizabeth II

© Tim Graham

After the numerous speeches also given by William and Kate to deal with the emergency, these days the speech to the Nation of His Majesty is expected in these days: an epochal event (it was held only three more times) that, hopefully, will be of comfort even beyond the borders of the United Kingdom.

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