Coronavirus. In China it is forbidden to eat dogs and cats

Coronavirus. In China, it is forbidden to eat dogs and cats

The first city in China to make the historic decision was Shenzhen, which announced the ban in early April. Now – according to a note released by the Minister of Agriculture – the whole country is ready to establish the ban on eating dogs and cats. These animals were excluded for the first time from the official list of edible species. The text, published in a bill proposed by the Ministry of Agriculture, includes pigs, cattle, sheep, poultry and camels.

Coronavirus. In China it is forbidden to eat dogs and
Coronavirus. In China it is forbidden to eat dogs and

The decision comes after the February ban on trade and consumption of wild animals, a practice that is among the first suspects of the spread of the coronavirus, as explained by the popularizer and scientific journalist David Quammen in his – now famous – wise Spillover.

The bill is still in the approval phase, but it already represents an epochal change for the country. It follows on from Covid-19 pandemic but also to the importance that pets have assumed in Chinese society (in which they generate between the other estimated annual turnover of between 20 and 30 billion dollars).

A caged dog in Yunnan, China

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In addition to dogs and cats, bulls are also benefiting from the coronavirus side effects and the resulting lockdown. Like? Simple: with the cancellation of all public events, even the scheduling of bullfights in Spain, southern France and Portugal, has suffered a setback and consequently hundreds of bulls have been “spared”.

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A moment of a bullfight

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