Coronavirus: Jared Leto discovers the epidemic after 12 days.

It is not the first time that Jared Leto’s life seems written by a Hollywood screenwriter. Never as this time, however, the facts seem to trace the incipit of a catastrophic blockbuster focused on the choir emergency. The beginning?

“We had no idea what was going on out there.”

With these words, the actor revealed that he only discovered the existence of the covid-19 pandemic today. The reason? A 12-day spiritual retreat in the desert that literally cut him off from all over the world.

It must have been a fair shock for Jared Leto to retreat to the desert and find himself in a world prey to a pandemic and one of the biggest financial crises since the Lehman case.

The actor said he was very surprised at what he saw around him. “I walked into a completely different world,” wrote the actor on Twitter. And we hope that, if anything, this really becomes the starting point for a film, which is a brilliant comedy. Very brilliant.

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