Coronavirus: Lady Gaga is in quarantine

Lady Gaga also fights against coronavirus. The music superstar announced on her Instagram profile that she had decided to volunteer to quarantine to fight covid-19. A choice dictated by the need not to infect other people and, by activating social distancing, contribute to defeating the global epidemic. But above all a wise and useful decision to preserve the weakest and oldest people, especially those closest to us, which requires some small sacrifice.

“I would really like to see my parents and my grandmother” writes Mother Monster “But it is safer if I don’t, so as not to infect them in case I have caught the virus”. A message that, in the days when discussing the usefulness of social distancing (with steps backwards also by countries that had underestimated the extent of the epidemic), resounds as particularly necessary.

Gaga’s Instagram post then ends with a particularly mystical message of hope. “I spoke to God” writes Gaga “she said everything will be fine”.

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