Coronavirus: live concerts to stay at home

The number of is incalculable events artistic, all over the world, which are being canceled due to the coronavirus. A real tsunami that is pouring on artists and lovers of live music who, now more than ever, must put aside their passions for a superior good.

However, there is no virus that is able to silence music: thanks to social networks and above all to the collaboration of all the Italian musical newspapers that have decided to make a system by putting aside the rivalry, a real music festival was born throughout the quarantine.

The initiative, entitled #IOSUONODACASA, was born from an idea by Franco Zanetti, director of the music information website Rockol and relaunched by Massimiliano Longo (Allmusicitalia) and started from an intuition of Vasco Brondi.

Many, many Italian artists who will create a musical marathon “from and for home”: Marianne Mirage, Modà, Francesco Renga, Alessandra Amoroso with Emma and many many others in a calendar in constant updating that you find at this address (https: //

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