Coronavirus. Music from the balconies and choral applause

Milan, Saturday 14 March 2020, 12 noon. Part the flash mob “We applaud Italy”: everyone on the balconies clapping their hands, as a sign of gratitude, for the doctors in the trenches, nurses, rescuers, those who continue to work to combat the coronavirus epidemic, and those who with their work guarantee basic services to the whole country. Finally, that surreal silence that has been “invading” Milan and other Italian cities has broken for a few days.

It is only the most recent of the shared initiatives that have joined the country since Thursday 12th. Everything started almost by chance: a little girl goes out on the balcony and with her clarinet intones the notes of the national anthem. Neighbors look out and applaud. The emotion of the mother is immediately shared and a great musical “chain” begins, starting from Rome: “We open the windows, we go out on the balcony and we play together even if we are far away, so our country will become a gigantic concert free”. The band FanfaRoma gives the go with the motto “Don’t stop the music” and we start playing.

Thus began the #flashmobsonoro and the #notecontagios spread from one window to another. And even the celebs join the concert: it is the turn of Giuliano Sangiorgi of the band Negramaro, who in Rome plays and sings with the guitar “So much air has a bitch” by the Neapolitan singer-songwriter Pino Daniele. In Milan, Fedez and Chiara Ferragni open their home window with Mameli’s hymn in the background. The forces of the Order do their part and the Carabinieri they tweet a video with the gang of the weapon, accompanied by a few lines: “Music unites people, arouses emotions, awakens consciences. Music speaks to our heart and gives us courage ”.

The strength, this time good, of social networks thus transforms some simple gestures into a national flash mob. A melody spread with different notes starts all over the country. In Milan, Raffaele Kohler’s trumpet intones “O mia bela Madunina” (the traditional song of Milan which is a kind of hymn to the city). In another neighborhood in the city, people sing We shall overcome, the famous pacifist anthem born in America and then adopted all over the world. Bologna focuses on Fabrizio De André, one of the greatest Italian songwriters, while in the South it is the Neapolitan songs and the classics of Italian popular music such as “Azzurro” that resonate in the air. There is no shortage of classical music pieces and opera arias.

The flags of Italy and the banners with the rainbow lay on the balconies next to the singer, this time symbol of the calm after the storm. And drapes move in the wind with positive messages (the same ones that circulate on the net, viral): “Everything will be fine”. Yes, we really need it.

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