Coronavirus: Prince Albert II returns home

After the return of Charles from Camilla, it is now Prince Albert II of Monaco to reunite with the family following the end of the quarantine from Covid-19. The Prince of Monaco was therefore reunited with his wife Charlene and his two daughters, Jaques and Gabriella, in Roc Agel, place where i Monegasque royals have decided to spend this period of isolation. The news of Albert’s return was given by the same princess who published an Instagram video with the Prince’s greetings and best wishes for a Happy Easter to all their followers.

The house where the family has not renounced some safety rules, including the opportunity to have useful spaces, possibly for self-insulation. In fact, in the mansion of Roc Agel, there are the spaces necessary to allow the prince, if necessary, to practice a new self-quarantine.

At this point we just have to wish a complete and prompt recovery to the Prince.

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