Coronavirus: Prince Charles inaugurates a new hospital

Something in the UK is changing. And it is changing quickly and quickly: while the government is literally dematerializing into Boris Johnson’s quarantinethe English Royal Family, on the other hand, is becoming more and more the beacon to look out for during the Coronavirus days.

It is not strange: the monarchical institution remains a historical cornerstone that has guided the country through all its phases, even the most critical ones, with its presence. And so after the Queen’s phone call to the Prime Minister and William’s desire to return to helicopter rescue, it is now Prince Charles who wants to get on the front line.

After the video in which he told about his experience as a covid-19 patient, now the Prince of Wales has attended the opening of the new field hospital at the ExCel Center in London. The facility will contain 500 new beds with fans and oxygen and will only be used to support coronavirus patients. Meanwhile, Windsor Castle has been illuminated in blue to express appreciation for the work done by the operators of the national health service heroically on the front lines.

We await at this point the message of His Majesty that, we are sure, it will not be long in coming.

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