Coronavirus: Reese Witherspoon takes a misstep

If goodwill is undoubted, at times, realization is not the same. Reese Witherspoon learned it at his own expense and he thought of doing a special initiative created with his fashion brand Draper James.

To thank the work of all public school teachers, Draper James and Reese Witherspoon decided, on April 2, to do an online giveaway of clothes. Which would have been very nice if only we had not forgotten to specify, immediately, that there would be only 250 clothes available.

Which, given the 400 thousand visuals of the announcement of the giveaway on Instagram, multiplied by the millions of US teachers and the force of propagation of the news through instant messaging systems has literally led to the explosion of applications that seem to have been more than one million.

And consequently, given the very low number of clothes distributed, the result was a noisy misstep that created so much disappointment and also a wave of anger. The company tried to run for cover, promising a coupon with a 30% discount to all participants in the giveaway, paradoxically getting an even worse reaction.

A lesson on the importance of confusing promotion and support and that the second, especially in very difficult moments, requires a lot of delicacy.

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