Coronavirus: Royal Babies also stay at home

The lockdown for coronavirus is gradually embracing the whole planet. Including countries that have hitherto believed that the epidemic was only an exaggeration. And so the Royal Family of the United Kingdom has to deal with the world in the time of covid-19.

After Thomas’s Battersea School’s request to keep the two Princes of Cambridge home, Charlotte and George, they too will start a distance school path through online resources. In fact, taking into account that March 26 would end the school year for both of us, the stop will not end up affecting the cycle of studies too much.

Charlotte, Kate, George, William

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The school, however, is keen to clarify that the request to keep their children at home and to proceed with distance teaching is only a possibility since, for the whole district, in the event that parents do not have the opportunity to stay at home with children, school facilities will remain open until March 26th.

Hopefully the example given by the little royal babies can be a warning for the whole of the UK to stay at home and keep children at home. To put an end to this black period as soon as possible.

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