Coronavirus: the answer of Anglophone fashion

The Coronavirus has shocked everyone, including the fashion system, and after the digital revolution of the men’s fashion weeks in Milan, Paris and London, the rumors of some big names in fashion including Giorgio Armani and online petitions signed by stylists like Dries Van Noten, one arrives joint guide response to the pandemic by the major institutions of Anglophone fashion: the American CFDA and the English BFC.

The press release, by Council of Fashion Designers of America is British Fashion Council, offers a series of tips to encourage the recovery of fashion after the lockdown and recommendations on how to set up a more sustainable system for the future.

«We are united in the firm belief that the fashion system must change», first of all reads the message signed by the two institutions which, point by point, addresses various issues which we briefly summarize below:

  • We encourage our brands, designers and retailers to slow down.

  • The arrival of the products in the shop must be consistent with the immediate need of customers.

  • We recommend brands to focus on only two collections per year.

  • If, for commercial reasons, the precollections they are required to be submitted exclusively in showrooms.

  • When will we be able to return to parade it is recommended to do so during official calendars, just exotic locations.

  • More sustainability, less production, through the creation of quality products that last over time.

The two Fashion Councils, American and English, are also committed to organizing new formats for the presentation of the next Spring Summer 2021 collections.

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