Coronavirus: the effects in the United States

It was an abrupt awakening for the United States of America. Although the past few weeks have been characterized by a bold campaign to minimize the Coronavirus emergency by the White House, in the space of a few days we have gone first to caution and then to the closing, rapid and unequivocal, of the borders. A decision that has had undeniable repercussions also on the Wall Street stock exchange but above all on the psychology of the American community and which has led to a series of repercussions also on the entertainment world. Not only with the cancellation of events or the postponement of Festivals (like the Coachella) but also with the closure of entire structures.

Here is everything that was closed due to the Coronavirus emergency in the United States.

The Metropolitan Museum in New York is closed

The Met, the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, officially closes its doors, of all three locations, indefinitely. Dan Weiss, president and chief operating officer, and Max Hollein, museum director announced this. In the coming weeks, new communications on possible reopenings are expected.

The Metropolitan Museum of Arts

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Broadway shuts down

The Broadway curtain falls. The US and world theater house has decided to suspend all shows until April 12 according to the provisions of Governor Andrew Cuomo. It is the worst theater crisis ever recorded since 11 September. Many shows, which had to go on stage, will be permanently canceled and will never return to the stage. Off theaters still remain open, but only with a capacity of less than 500 seats.

Stop to television programs.

Not only live musical and theatrical performances. TV productions will also undergo a decisive stop. The most sensational? Grey’s Anatomy will stop shooting for two weeks, the Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers Late Shows.

Closes the Disney world and other theme parks.

Even the Disney empire takes a break with the closure of Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park as well as the Walt Disney World Resort. Universal Studios and Universal Orlando Resort are also closed.

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