Coronavirus: the Elton John parlor festival

How is a music festival done in the time of the coronavirus? Simple: in the living room. Is called iHeartMedia Living Room Concert for America, it will be staged tonight (you can see it on Fox platforms or listen to the online frequencies of iHeart Radio stations) it will be presented by Elton John and it will be a real deployment of music superstar against covid-19.

From Lady Gaga to Mariah Carey passing through Billie Eilish, Backstreet Boys, Alicia Keys, Sam Smith, Dave Grohl and many others will perform in their living rooms, in a live broadcast that will unfold throughout the State to raise funds for those who, in the face of the health emergency that is hitting the whole world, could pay the highest price.

During the live broadcast of the concert, presented by Mr. Rocketman, donations can be made to support Feeding America, a non-profit organization that manages 200 food banks and the First Responders Children’s Foundation to support the families of first aid operators who, in these days, they are experiencing really difficult moments.

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