Coronavirus: the initiatives of the stars

The world is mobilizing to fight the Coronavirus pandemic. Everyone, according to their possibilities, is trying to contribute to support the fight against covid-19.

World stars and celebrities are no exception and, in addition to making their voices heard on social networks to send messages of encouragement and to support the importance of staying at home (here you can find all the initiatives), they have also begun to contribute financially to the fight and above all for the support of the sections most exposed to the pandemic.

After the donation of one million Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, after the exceptional fundraising of Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, after the donation multimillionaire of Rihanna and i fans created by Tesla and donated by Elon Musk, now Kylie Jenner and Angelina Jolie are also on the field. The scion of the Jenner family and beauty mogul donated one million dollars to purchase medical supplies for doctors (masks and other protective devices). The news was given by Kylie’s gynecologist, Tha├»s Aliabadi, who wrote an Instagram post of thanks for the donation.

Angelina Jolie instead he made a donation for the little ones: the fact that covid-19 is not a particularly dangerous disease for children does not mean that they cannot become collateral victims. Many children, in fact, in the States of social disparities, base their nutrition precisely on school meals which, in these days of closed schools, are no longer guaranteed. The actress then made a one million dollar donation to the association No Kid Hungry that takes care of feeding the little ones.

But the ways of solidarity, as you know, are endless and often also give us decidedly creative opportunities to push for fundraising. He knows something about it Helen Mirren who decided to get involved with a truly unprecedented photo shoot. The cult actress decided to publish a selfie taken literally as “first thing of the day” to entice her fans to make donations in exchange for the literally never seen shot. The lady of the United Kingdom wanted, with this initiative, to support The Intensive Care Society, a non-profit organization that supports frontline doctors and families of the victims of covid-19.

Because covid-19 is able to take your breath away in many, and unfortunately too many, ways.

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