Coronavirus. The online museum of works of art on Covid-19

Museums and art online for free: the days of contagion seen by creatives

It is called simply The Covid Art Museum (CAM), and it is an Instagram profile that aggregates the works of art dedicated to the coronavirus emergency. Three Spanish advertisers created it – Irene Llorca (born in Alicante in 1993), José Guerrero (Alicante, 1991) e Emma Calvo (Barcelona, ​​1994).

Their idea – to create a digital museum with a focus on the pandemic – was born from the observation of reality: since the outbreak of the contagion from Covid-19, in fact, numerous artists – famous and not (among them also Banksy) – who use their creativity to process the facts, news and emotions of the absolutely exceptional times we are experiencing all over the world. So why not combine them into a single digital and global “museum”?

Thus was born The Covid Art Museum, an open project, in which everyone can participate, by sending their work to the three founders through a form on Google (found in the link indicated in the profile bio) or by indicating the hashtag on Instragam #CovidArtMuseum.

The required requirements of the works must be: quality, originality and emotional impact. However, there are no limits on the techniques used, every type of format is accepted: illustration, 3D, photos, videos, painting, sculpture …

It is enough to “walk” a bit among the works published in the account feed to be fascinated by the variety and quality of the projects. There are, for example, the illustrations of Pierpaolo Rovero that draws the cities of the world. Or the reinterpretations of famous portraits, such as Dalí’s, to which a mask has been added.

Many interesting projects, as well as clips of Spanish Nacho Tellado, who created gods videos of doctors who fight against the virus,

Illustrations, artwork, photographs they draw such a vast and rich map of global creativity that the three founders of The Covid Art Museum profile are thinking of collecting them in a book, naturally digital, to be distributed all over the world.

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