Coronavirus: the schools of the Milan Foundation inaugurate the CivicaMente project

Coronavirus also means sharing and solidarity. There are numerous initiatives by institutions, companies and groups to promote kindness and altruism as also described in this article.

The Milan Foundation, which brings together centers of excellence in artistic training such as the Civic School of Cinema Luchino Visconti, the Civic School of Music Claudio Abbado, the Civic School of Interpreters and Translators Altiero Spinelli, the Civic School of Teatro Paolo Grassi, has created a new section on the site ( and on social networks) with a symbolic name: civically.

The name of the CivicaMente project “It talks about the civic sense and the responsibility with which we have to stay at home. Talk about our commitment to continue making and sharing culture with all of you, not to stop the Mind: thoughts, creativity, ideas, innovations, projects “.

As distance learning continues, the new CivicaMente virtual space will serve to share music, videos, books, shows, advice. So there Civic School of Cinema Luchino Visconti offers its best videos, films, commercials, documentaries but also the advice of film critics and festival directors on a selection of unmissable films and why it is important to see them now. There Civic School of Music Claudio Abbado has selected concerts of ancient, classical, jazz, contemporary music to see and hear. There Civic School of Interpreters and Translators Altiero Spinelli gives advice on books to read, accompanied by the precious notes of translators. There Civic School of Theater Paolo Grassi, where they also studied some of the voices of our podcasts, he opened his archives to retrace his history and the characters who were part of it.

Finally, the student radio has turned into Smart FM Web Radio and every day he gives an episode of Radiodiary in the time of the coronavirus. The voices and faces of the students, their testimonies, their music, the interviews, the suggestions to face this delicate moment and much more.

Speaking of art and culture, here is the training of the Scala dancers and the 5 masterpieces of art to see online

Curious to listen to the former students of the Paolo Grassi Civic Theater School? Here is the latest podcast published with their voices:

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