Coronavirus: the stars affected by the virus

It has been said by many: coronavirus is democratic. It affects everyone, regardless of age, gender and social class. Therefore, Hollywood stars are no exception to whom, in spite of themselves, we owe the credit for having been able to lift the veil on an epidemic that some governments have tried too long to minimize.

The first to come in contact with coronavirus? The Hanks (Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson) who fell ill in Australia while shooting a movie and are documenting their quarantine on Instagram.

Always quarantine has spoken Lady Gaga, who actually decided to operate a “spontaneous social distancing” to secure her parents and grandmother, as well as the numerous other people who could come in contact with her.

The result was positive for Covid-19 but asymptomatic and reassuring (“I feel good, I have no symptoms”) the actor Idris Elba, which added to all the rumors that asked to take adequate precautions to prevent the virus from spreading with a video message on Twitter.

Unfortunately the coronavirus infection has been more aggressive with Olga Kurylenko: the buffer-positive Ukrainian model and actress said she spent a week of illness with fever and exhaustion as the main symptoms.

“Take this seriously!” he wrote on Instragram: an imperative that, we hope today more than ever, continues to circulate on social networks and in people’s minds.

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