Coronavirus: the testimony of Prince Charles

“I was on the other side of the fence.” With these words, the Prince Charles, recounts his battle with the Coronavirus that hit him in the past few weeks. A video message that the future King of England wanted to send to highlight an important and painful aspect of this pandemic that is raging all over the world. Although in fact the Prince had mild symptoms related to codi-19, nevertheless he had to face, like everyone else, one of the most difficult challenges that the disease brings: isolation.

And it is on this that Charles wanted to focus his appeal, sharing the feeling of loneliness, anxiety and concern that is experienced in the days of the illness and above all send a message to all the elderly people who are facing precisely the drama of isolation in the home in total solitude.

The Prince then wished, in his video, to thank and congratulate the medical forces who are struggling heroically against the pandemic in recent days but also all the workers in the shops and supermarkets who are guaranteeing essential services, putting their safety at risk.

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