Coronavirus. The Unicef ​​fundraising campaign to help Italy starts

Italy is experiencing the most serious global health crisis of the past 100 years, unexpected and of gigantic proportions. Given the dramatic situation, UNICEF has decided exceptionally to send aid to Italy in the coming days, in particular: surgical masks, surgical and test gloves, protective suits and goggles, masks, gowns and thermometers. In support of the Italian Government, of the extraordinary Commissioner for the coronavirus emergency Domenico Arcuri, and of the Civil Protection – whom we thank for the collaboration -, health structures will be identified in areas where there is more need to have these important health materials immediately available for to counter and contain the spread of Covid-19. This represents a first concrete aid from UNICEF – to be followed by others – for health workers working on the front lines in our country, “said UNICEF Italy President Francesco Samengo.

“But our commitment will also continue with other initiatives and today with the launch of one fundraising campaign that will see us committed to dealing with this emergency in the coming months. It is possible today to make a donation through the website

It is a race against time, we ask everyone to donate. Only together can we do it, “continued UNICEF Italy President Francesco Samengo. UNICEF’s action is aimed at all vulnerable families and children in many countries of the world and in Italy affected by this pandemic. Since late January, we have worked in many areas:

· In China: UNICEF has so far delivered thousands of N95 masks, surgical masks, protective suits, gowns, protective goggles, surgical and test gloves, sample collection kits, thermometers to the Chinese government.

· In Malaysia and the RDP of Laos UNICEF provided essential personal protective equipment, other medical aids to support the health system response and handwashing aids.

· In East Asia and the Pacific over 80 million people reached by UNICEF with contagion prevention aid and messages.

· In South Asiaso far, 36 million people have been reached by UNICEF with key messages on prevention using various social platforms.

In Afghanistan: UNICEF is supporting hospitals in 5 regions on COVID-19, also with training of health personnel and has developed key messages on hygiene and health. In the Philippines, UNICEF has provided 20 hospital triage tents to the government. In Algeria, Bhutan, Eritrea, Indonesia, Iran, Liberia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine and Venezuela UNICEF is sending personal protective equipment worth nearly a million dollars.

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