Coronavirus: weddings arrive via Zoom

Love in the time of the coronavirus. One of the dramatic consequences of the pandemic that enveloped the whole planet like a blanket of rough and terrible uncertainty was precisely the cancellation of any occasion of assembly. Not only shows, sporting events but also, and unfortunately, funeral ceremonies and, of course, weddings.

In fact, many celebrations, starting from the same wedding of Beatrice of York, have not only been postponed, but directly canceled. Not only because of the impossibility of organizing an adequate reception but also, and above all, because the very presence of a celebrant and witnesses becomes a source of epidemic risk.

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For this reason, weddings via Zoom have been “activated” in New York. Indeed, the Governor of the State, Andrew Cuomo, has decided to promulgate an executive decree that allows New Yorkers to obtain a remote marriage license and above all that allows celebrants to legally perform video conference ceremonies.

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However, we are not talking about “Las Vegas-style weddings”: what is institutionalized is a real possibility that falls within the seriousness of the legislative sector, which takes into account the importance of the institution of marriage and which, as such, will need to be very precise rules also on the instruments to be used.

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Especially because the marriage vows, the celebration and the presence of the witnesses must be perfectly adequate and in real time. But above all it will be necessary to create perhaps dedicated platforms that are able to automatically manage, in addition to the presence of many connected people, also the “background buzz” so that the ceremony is not disturbed by any noises present in the participants’ homes .

Photo by Sergei Bobylev TASS via Getty Images

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In short, once again it seems that amor vincit omnia, even the virus.

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