Curly hair: hairstyles and best anti-frizz products

Those with straight hair want them curly, those with curls want them straight and blah, blah, blah. Okay, we are never happy. But those who face daily frizz and curls should show a little more indulgence.

Curly hair is difficult to cut, comb, even hairstyles curly they risk becoming species of monuments of trichology. And if at the level of haircuts things are getting better – hairstylist merit like Mona Baltazar known as The Mona Cut. His Instagram profile is worth the hashtag #hairgoals – keeping the hedgehog is still a thorny issue. The hairstyles? Easy, just get the right inspirations.

But let’s go in order. Second Jenda Alcorn, as reported, there are some habits WRONG that ruin the curly effect.

There BEFORE is that of to comb your hair once you get out of the shower. The curls instead should be brushed only when applying the balm, before rinsing. In this way, their nature remains unchanged.

For loose curly hair

It is always better to comb the hair in the direction in which you will dry them. Example: you will use the phon upside down? Do the same with the brush.

Curlfriends Previa shampoo thanks to the presence of precious natural active ingredients with nourishing and anti-oxidant action, such as almond extract, macadamia oil, borage and olive extract, while cleansing, it performs a deep moisturizing action, leaving hair soft and light.

And the moment of the balm is also fundamental for the SECOND point. Before rinsing it, Jenda recommends throwing your head forward and Gently pick up the hair from the tips to the roots with your hands (in English this process is called scrunch). At this point, with your hands in this position, stand under the shower jet.

Curlfriends Conditioner by Previa is a conditioning treatment for curly hair with 98% of ingredients of vegetable origin. It acts on the surface, eliminating frizz and giving deep hydration

Anti-frizz for curly hair: the best products

At this point, try not to trip over the THIRD error or to spend too much time between the shower and the application of the products. Indeed, it is necessary prevent the effect crepe and therefore do not allow the hair to dry out too much. Not only that: when you spread lotions & Co. keep your fingers as closed as possible, if you have them “comb” in fact you risk ruining the curls.

Smoothen Sleeking Leave-in Conditioner by SCREEN is a smoothing conditioner without rinsing, it disciplines and hydrates frizzy and indomitable hair, giving it softness and manageability, without weighing it down.

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Have you already made at least one of these mistakes and don’t know how to fix it? Here are some hairstyle for curly hair ideal both to “get out” in an impeccable way from a bad hair day, both to survive the summer heat. What is your hedgehog like? Evaluate and read here.

WAVY HAIR: focus on soft hairstyles that maybe leave some forelock around face and at the base of neck. If you want to keep your hair chosen and focus on a medium crop, good options are the top knot or accessories like clothespins, great trend of the year.

Curly hairstyles

If the crown is XXL tied i curly hair tied in a low and pulled tail. The effect will be chic and sensual at the same time thanks to the mix of order at the roots and “messy“on the toes. If you have a cut with fringe à la Flashdance but you don’t have time to do the shampoo, just cool the bangs and put the hair in one top-knot. If you don’t have time, bet on a very tight and wet crop.

Perfect Curls Urban Style by Jean Louis David is the perfect product to enhance the beauty of curly hair. It defines them and is long-lasting. The ripples leave room for elastic and delightfully defined curls.

Kinky hair hairstyles

The must have accessory is the bandana or scarf with which to create style games ranging from the back to the Seventies. Excellent option – for those who know how to do them boxer braids that is, the braids attached to the skin (from two to six tendentially). Finally, if i curly and frizzy hair are very long, the half tail it is an excellent option because it allows you to be tidier but without giving up loose hair.

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