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By now you could open it one hair salon. On the other hand, with the lockdown, you have become a pro in the home dyed (still not? Here the “definitive guide”). However, the question of cut your hair yourself, quite right? So better familiarize yourself with what you can (and can’t do) to better manage split ends, bangs & co. Experts agree: a haircut home made it’s never a good idea, but in exceptional circumstances (read: hair out of control), there are a few tips you can follow.

Which scissors to use?

It is said that only a bad worker blames his work tools, but it is good to abandon the idea of ​​cutting your hair yourself with (blunt) kitchen scissors. John Frieda Salons hairstylist Zoe Irwin, recommend trying to buy professional scissors. “The ones we use in the salon are very sharp, so that the tips break less easily.”

To deal with split ends, look at the “model cut“, a technique that Irwin recommends for a little fix.” Start with i dry hair, divide them into sections e twisted the locks with one hand. With the other, pull the hair slightly from the bottom to reveal the split ends. With the sharpest scissors you have, cut only the ‘broken’ ends. “As much as this technique gives satisfaction it is good to know that it can create” dependence “and it is therefore important to be careful not to overdo it. Just as you avoid” twisting ” too much eyebrows, we must also limit ourselves with the use of scissors to avoid a layered (unpleasant) effect that can ruin the shape of a hairstyle.

Since bangs are often a characteristic feature of any hairstyle, it is especially important proceed with caution when cutting. “My biggest advice in terms of bangs is to wash and to dry hair before you cut it, “says star Se Domy hairdresser.” Hair can stretch up to three times its length when wet, so if you decide to cut the fringe without drying it, you run the risk of making it super short. ” Irwin, the safest way to cut a fringe is: “Take a section triangular at the center of the fringe, between the eyebrows, go to that point and bring the hair forward. “Then decide how much you want to cut: his suggestion is a couple of millimeters at most.” At this point, proceed by lifting the hair towards the tall with a comb and cutting small V. Never cut horizontally. “The result should be soft and nuanced and not clean. What not to do?” Never create a ‘fringe’ of initial fringe that exceeds the eyebrows. The worst damage is done when trying to cut all the bangs because the issue could get out of hand, “he says.

What to do if you have pixie cut

Those with super short cuts should follow some tricks as a hairdresser to improve yield, rather than risk ruining thehaircuts. In short, the idea is that of remodel and redesign rather than cut. Irwin recommends playing with the volume, trying to texturize the hair with sprays and powders to help lift the roots (we love Color Wow Raise the Root and VO5 Post Gym Refresh Spray). “You can also try to alternate the fold: one day move, the next day smooth and maybe wet effect,” he says. The secret? disguise cutting, rather than doing it again.

Solutions for beautiful and tidy hair

If you often go to the hairdresser and hate the scruffy appearance, it could be a (aesthetically) difficult moment for you. Don’t worry: instead of thinking about how to cut your hair by yourself, concentrate on improving the health of the lengths: the lockdown on the other hand it is an excellent time to think about hair masks. “What I find really useful is to hydrate the hair from the roots to the ends,” says Irwin. Similarly, Seeley recommends using protein-based masks to “reshape and give strength”, and avoid future breakages.

You can also bet on different hairstyles and unusual. “Ponytails, messy buns like Meghan Markle or a braid can be better ideas than betting on a home made hairstyle,” says Irwin. Playing with the clothespins it may be another idea that you are distracted by a haircut without a shape.

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What to avoid absolutely

Never cut horizontally and cleanly, don’t try to even out a bob or scale lengths, “warns Irwin.

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