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“I’ve thought about it a lot,” he says to Vogue the famous hairstylist Sam McKnight, during an interview via Skype from his London home on the subject of how to cut your hair yourself, which is becoming a topic trend increasingly discussed on social media. The creator of the semi-collected hairstyle in the name of naturalness and romance seen on the catwalk of Chanel fall winter 2020 (as well as the ‘image change’ look of the Princess Diana in the 90s), McKnight has a message for all the women who, after following Bella Hadid’s funny Instagram stories in self-isolation, felt tempted to grab kitchen scissors. “Unless you feel up to it really sure, my advice is: Don’t do it! Even a small attempt like ticking the fringe can turn into a real disaster. “

“I have friends who cut their hair on their own and the result is incredible but they have been doing it for years (some since they were teenagers). Plus, he doesn’t care if something goes a little wrong, “adds McKnight. “But most people are not like that. And it’s own this is why people go by hairdresser to cut your hair. “

The same goes for your hair children. Maybe this is the time to “let them grow in a ‘wild’ way (McKnight’s word!). And, if suddenly you feel tempted to tidy up your daughter’s fringe, stay away from kitchen scissors or nail scissors, because doing it means getting into trouble. To cut one’s hair on one’s own or on others, only sharp hairdressing scissors are allowed. “

The hairstylist also invites us to put an end to the notion of always having to be fully pulled for video calls on Zoom. “We won’t see anyone for a while. And if we have a video conference scheduled, just pull your hair up. But no stress! ”, He says reassuringly. “There aren’t the same social pressures we usually face, so let’s enjoy it. Let’s take a break for our hair too. They will survive and, after all, it is only a matter of a couple of months. Let them grow a little. They will continue to grow; this is the wonderful aspect of hair. “

The opinion of industry experts is that, yes, it is fine to use the next few months to experiment, but the emphasis, in this case, must be placed on original ideas for the styling, and therefore short-lived (soon we will have perfected that YouTube tutorial on how to make the herringbone braid … or maybe not) and NO to cut your hair on your own. And for those who need a further reminder, here comes the voice of reason, that of McKnight: “Ask yourself, what is the worst option: be disheartened because hair needs a blunt or be disheartened because hair is really a disaster?“.

In addition, the next few months give us the opportunity to review outdated beauty standards that exist in the world out there, including the gray roots, infrequent washes and helmets that have lost the shape of the helmet. “Take a break from the pressure of social media expectations. We are all in the same boat and it’s a great level, ”says McKnight.

Speaking of roots, if you can’t wait to experiment with a new temporary color during self-isolation, you can count on the advice of leading names in the sector. Alex Brownsell, Bleach creative director, organizes hair-themed parties ( ‘hair parties’) On his Instagram account @bleachlondon, which offer guidelines step-by-step for the tint DIY, or as he nicknamed her “Self-dye-solating“(From English ‘self-dye’ – do-it-yourself tint and ‘isolating’ – insulation) for a non-permanent look change. The English model Georgia May Jagger will be among the first remote customers to help you replicate Brownsell’s magical touch in your home bathroom.

The most important and positive aspect to keep in mind whenever you realize the state in which your hair is playing from the relentless front camera of your iPhone? “Hairdressers are not going anywhere. And they’ll be ready to welcome you with open arms when the virus emergency is over, “says McKnight. “Imagine what a party you will have when you finally go to the hairdresser for your first post-isolation break!“.

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