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During the social distancing attention to excessive use of the smartphone because it may accentuate the eye bags and the tired look. The HEV light (acronym for High-Energy Visible light or the blue light which is part of the visible spectrum) issued by the screens has been under accusation for some years. It ages prematurely, causing wrinkles, dull complexion and dark circles. During smart working but not only, the eyes need to be refreshed during the day. According to the doctor Carlo Borriello, aesthetic doctor in Milan and Lucca, the sachets of green tea left on the eyes remain the most effective do-it-yourself remedy to temporarily deflate the eyes and brighten the eyes. The effect lasts only a few hours, but is clearly visible. The secret of many make-up artists, however, is to always have a pack of eye drops to be applied to awaken the gaze, a beauty essential which deserves the same consideration as corrector.


In addition to lack of sleep, to cause dark circles are the stagnation of liquids and bad microcirculation. This malfunction accentuates the bags, but also highlights the dark mark under the eyes. As he explains Geneva Best, aesthetic doctor, aging also makes purple dark circles more visible because, with the passage of time, the skin becomes thinner. In this case, creams and ad hoc treatments work better than on the drooping upper eyelid, because the active ingredients are able to thicken the skin, help improve drainage and have a lightening effect.

Tom Ford Research, Eye Repair Concentrate. Revives tired-looking skin by helping it retain hydration.



Dr. Jart + Vital Hydra Solution. Thanks to the patented probiotic technology, this cream balances the skin microbiome, energizing the area around the eyes.

Susanne Kaufmann, Eye Cream Line A. It has a decongestant effect, reduces bags and dark circles and makes the skin radiant. Ectoin, a natural cell shield, helps to counteract and delay the signs of aging and to stimulate the natural production of collagen.

Kiehl’s, Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing & Dark Circle Diminishing Vitamin C Serum. Formulated with 10% pure Vitamin C, which, as shown by cosmeto-clinical studies, reduces fine lines, crow’s feet, bags and visibly reduces dark circles.

Resultime, Eye Contour Cream 5 Expertises. The vectorized micro-collagen acts on the 5 signs of aging. The formula is enriched with the Pro-Regard peptide, with an anti-fatigue action.

Chantecaille, Stess Repair Concentré Eye Contour. The formula contains a new refining lipopeptide and extracted from stem cells of the Bionymph peptide which increase the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, while the botanical active ingredients anti-aging and anti-stress leave the eyes brighter because they improve the stagnation of liquids and vascular permeability.

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There breathing of the moon has a calming effect, harmonizes emotional reactions and reconciles sleep. Carla Nataloni, teacher of yoga hormone, explains how to put it into practice: “Seated, back straight, hands in closed jñāna mudrā (index at the base of the thumb). With your right hand, in jñāna mudrā closed, we close the right nostril, inhale and exhale slowly only from the left nostril. We breathe quietly, prolonging exhalation compared to inhalation. Chandra bhedana it can be practiced without time limits “.


The eye bags they may be fatty or edematous in nature. As explained by Sergio Noviello, health director of Milano Estetica, in the former there is an individual predisposition to the decay of the tissue around the eyes with consequent collection of fat in the orbit; in the case of edematous bags, mostly due to a defect in the microcirculation, swelling is also often accompanied by a congested and darker skin, tending to purple. If the latter attenuate with a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, eliminating the latter without the help of aesthetic medicine is almost impossible. The use of biomimetic peptides represents the latest innovation to bridge the sulcus that is created between the cheekbone and the orbit with very natural, progressive and long-lasting results. “Biomimetic pepetides function as spare parts on damaged and old cell membranes,” explains Noviello. “This is because, by mimicking their activity, they replace those sequences of amino acids present in the tissues that decrease over time and work less . With these filler the adipose accumulations of the sub-eyelid bags are reduced. In the case of bags due to water retention, which have a marked bruised appearance, biomimetic pepetides with a lightening action are also used, always associated with hyaluronic acid“.

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