Devils: video interview with the cast of the TV series Sky

Our video interview with Patrick Dempsey, Alessandro Borghi and Kasia Smutniak, protagonists of the TV series Diavoli, from April 17th on Sky Atlantic

In connection from the Malibu house, Patrick Dempsey appears in excellent shape. In a blue polo shirt and a bright smile, he shows all his optimism, despite the lockdown that prevented him from coming to Italy to present the Devils series, on Sky Atlantic from April 17th. The premiere was remodeled into a virtual conference with over 100 journalists from all over the world live from a sort of reality show style television studio complete with host and visual effects. Together with the former Dr. Strangelove of Grey’s Anatomy we find the co-star Alessandro Borghi, directors and producers of Sky Italia and Lux ​​Vide. The only female presence is Kasia Smutniak, more ethereal than usual, who in the episode adaptation of the novel by Guido Maria Brera (Rizzoli) plays Dempsey’s wife.

Before even airing the project, already sold in over 160 countries worldwide, the creative team is already involved in drafting the scripts of season two. And, incredible but true, the first scene will take place in a deserted Milan in the days of the coronavirus, from which flashbacks will begin in the days of Brexit.

But let’s go in order and start from the beginning: the series, set between Rome and London, reveals the dark side of high finance e the two leading traders, Dominic Morgan and Massimo Ruggero (played respectively by Dempsey and Borghi), find themselves mixed up in situations greater than themselves. The former is an ambiguous and unscrupulous mentor, of whom the latter represents his favorite disciple, a “mini me” in his image and likeness. Almost.

After The truth about the Harry Quebert case, Dempsey returns to the small screen for multiple reasons: “First of all – he explains – I was kidnapped by this script, I wanted to learn more about the world of finance and then I was looking forward to shooting in Europe. I am proud of the result, especially for the timing of the airing, in a delicate period like the one we are experiencing. “

It is difficult to say whether his Dominic is the devil of the title or he sold his soul to him: “Each of us – continues the ex-heartbreaker of Grey’s Anatomy – commits positive or negative actions, but their value is dictated by the choices that there are upstream. Personally, I find Dominic’s ambiguity very fascinating, not knowing which side he really is on. It is not for me to say whether the end always justifies the means but we must take a step back and understand that every decision driven by selfishness is paid for at a very high price. “

Studying the flows of money led the actor to a wider reflection, also of a political nature, which includes the repercussions of the pandemic ongoing: “I don’t think – he says, with a veil of emotion – that we will be able to look at the world in the same way, the same as before. It is not sustainable, the planet cannot stand it. And it took a closed reality like today to make us lose the control to which we were so attached and to find ourselves on the brink of chaos “.

The effects of coronavirus they affect all areas of human activities, including the world of entertainment in general and that of TV in particular: “Thanks to the advent of platforms like Netflix – explains Dempsey – the entire serial format has undergone a step forward in ‘evolution. Now we decide what to see and when, but we need to understand where this experience will take us because basically nothing is permanent and everything changes. “

The colleague echoes him Alessandro Borghi, from his Roman home: “You don’t have to go back as we were before but to improve. Before taking action we should stop and ask ourselves if on the way we didn’t hurt something or someone “. Indeed, Diavoli could be seen as a metaphor-warning on injustices and power games, but also a glimmer of hope for the times to come. “The pandemic – he continues – leads to an inevitable change, in the near future it will mean working with a reduced crew to avoid contacts, but it will only be a moment of transition and then return to doing this job as it should be done, because we are all indispensable” .

Speaking of professional challenges, the interpreter of On my skin he added: “I don’t think there are difficult roles, if written well, but neither that an actor has to be able to do everything to be good. No, everyone has strings to play. This time I was a little afraid of the language (the series was entirely shot in English, ed.) But then the wonderful meeting with Patrick dispelled any doubts. With good company, everything is simpler. “

His Massimo comes from a fishing town on the Peninsula but he is not particularly proud of his origins or at least does not flag them in the City. When does Italianity come out? “There is an episode entirely dedicated to our country that the character has a little repudiated because of his father, yet those roots return in all their strength when the time comes for him to bring out the emotional part, when he loses control “.

However, to know how and when all this happens you need to have a little more patience and let yourself be guided, without haste, in this international series, well-kept in aesthetics, with a rhythm that goes from languid to adrenaline and capable of unhinging some prejudice about the follies in the Wolf of Wall Street style. Yes, Massimo drives a Ferrari, but then adds that nobody deserves that type of success. Will it be true?

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