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Five documentaries on Disney +

The Disney + platform has reserved a large space to discover documentaries made for National Geographic. They range from naturalistic to sporty focus, with some portraits of important people, such as the biologist explorer of the Okvango delta, one of the most unspoiled reserves in the world. Travel docs range from particularly pioneering ones, like Apollo: Missions to the moon, at the extreme ones, like Free solo, which follows Alex Honnold’s solo climbing of a wall of El Capitain without ropes. The fragile giantinstead, it follows the migrations of some California blue whales and The family of elephants he even recruited Meghan Markle, the former senior royal of the English court, as narrator. Here, then, are five unmissable titles for the month of the earth, ranging in the most diverse genres.


Leonardo DiCaprio turns the spotlight on climate change with this work presented at the Toronto Film Festival and already aired on the National Geographic Channel. The actor, also here as a producer, involves many personalities – including former US President Barack Obama – in environmental dialogue. The title of the star of Titanic is already clear from the title: the world is in danger and the fault lies entirely with the recklessness of mankind, which must immediately take note of it.


Echo the dolphin

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To celebrate the month of the earth, this documentary arrives, with Cristiana Capotondi as narrator, a submarine journey full of emotions to discover the young dolphin Echo. This puppy is not yet fully ready to grow and on the one hand is looking for new adventures and on the other hand must take responsibility. Directed by Keith Scholey, it reveals the complex and delicate social organization of dolphins in the coral reef that all inhabitants, including the protagonist’s family, consider as home.


Made for the twenty years since his death, the work traces the life of the princess of the people through his own words in a series of secret interviews with the journalist Andrew Morton recorded in 1991. At the time, nothing was known about the marriage crisis with Prince Charles, but Diana took the opportunity to retrace her childhood but also the first moments of the relationship with the heir to the throne, when she was still 16 years old and found herself under a global magnifying glass.


Titanic’s Oscar-winning director, James Cameron, accompanies the audience to one of humanity’s most fascinating mysteries, the lost city of Atlantis, mentioned in Plato’s works. Through the testimonies of scientists, historians and archaeologists, we retrace an expedition that has really brought to light some finds, that is, ancient anchors. This trip to the Mediterranean dates back to 2016 and also touches Italy, specifically Sardinia for the nuraghi civilization.


Directed by Brett Morgen, the documentary follows the story of primatologist Jane Goodall, who spent her life studying chimpanzees. She has been considered a pioneer ever since, when she was 26, she visited Tanzania to discover this species. It is her husband Hugo van Lawick who has documented most of his work, alternated with his private image. Through hundreds of hours of unpublished films, you travel through a journey that represents a real life mission.

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