Do it yourself face massage: how to do it at home – Vogue

Good to know: the face massage do-it-yourself not only does it have an action anti-wrinkle lift but it increases the effectiveness of products and creams. That’s why it is good to take the evening “free”: tonight, Thursday 2 April at 20, Caudalie gives you an appointment on Instagram for one Masterclass dedicated precisely to self-care and, specifically, just to the face massage do it yourself.

To lead the lesson Regine Berthelot, Caudalie Spa and America Training Director. With his 12 years of experience alongside the Maison, Regine offers, for this period, extra attention to the face, suggesting massages with dexterity different according to the face area.

The manual skills he recommends are mainly for relax some parts including tense neck e eyes that with stress we feel heavier. For the face, show some gestures to reactivate the skin of the face, relax it and at the same time obtain plumping results, toning and anti-aging.

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